Hotels Create Up to 100 Times More Knowledge About Their Guests with the New dailypoint™ Profile Engine

  • dailypoint™
  • 01.20.17
With the brand new Profile Engine, the latest module of dailypoint™, hoteliers can learn who their customers are by leveraging the available potential of big data.

dailypoint™ is a leading software platform for strategic central data management (CDM) focused on the hospitality industry. CDM covers the areas of CRM (customer relationship marketing), CRO (operations) and CRA (analytics).

With the latest development of the dailypoint™ Central Data Management solution hotels may obtain absolutely clean and steadily enriched guest profiles. By monitoring up to 50 different sources, hotels find out who each individual is. Complex machine learning processes transform the massive amount of big data available in hotel PMSs, POS systems, websites, WLANs, on social media, etc., into really smart data. Hotels find out what their guests really want, what exactly they are interested in, and when it's the right time for a new booking.

dailypoint™ is a leading central data management platform for hotels containing customer relationship management, customer relationship operations and customer relationship analytics in one comprehensive solution. Instead of running different individual silo applications, dailypoint™ brings everything together in one place, providing all modules hoteliers need in order to benefit from digitalization. Patented data cleaning processes guarantee that the collected data is finally usable for operations, sales, marketing, CRM and analytics.

“This newly implemented module makes our customers understand their guests even better and brings them closer to the guests,” said Dr. Michael Toedt, big data expert and managing partner of the Munich-based software provider. “We are really proud that we can provide the profile engine to our customers. Only if hoteliers really know who their customers are, they can individualize their service and marketing. Hotels can create up to 100 times more knowledge than today by leveraging our big data approach.”

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