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International Palms Cocoa Beach Sees Immediate Success with Flip.to

  • Flip.to
  • 07.10.14
Since implementing Flip.to in mid-May 2014, the International Palms Resort Cocoa Beach has been recommended by guests to over 38,000 friends and family.

"We were thrilled to see immediate results," said Tim Michaud, general manager of the International Palms Resort Cocoa Beach. "In under two months we gained 18 direct bookings, over 1000 prospective new guests and over 38,000 social connections as a result of Flip.to. It has created a simple and immediate way to empower our guests to become brand advocates and deliver personal endorsements in a very engaging way."

Flip.to turns guests into a huge extension of a hotel's marketing force. Starting right at the point of booking, guests share with their friends and family about their upcoming trip to the International Palms Resort. This exposure to a huge pool of people in a friendly and trusted way is just the start of the marketing funnel. Flip.to then serves up a custom experience on the hotel's website for each and every friend or relative of the guest, taking them down the path toward a future booking at the hotel.

"38,000 friends and family members of guests now know that International Palms Cocoa Beach is the place to go in Florida! They also have a compelling reason to book directly with International Palms," said Debi Moses, senior director of sales for Flip.to. "Before Flip.to International Palms couldn't effectively take advantage of the influence their guests have, but now they see how powerful the guest referral channel can be."

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