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M3’s New Mobile App Takes the Work out of Labor Management

  • M3
  • 02.14.22
M3’s partnership with Haneke Design dates back to 2017, when development of the M3 Insight application began.

M3 Insight was developed specifically for managers of large hotel chains, offering an overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) across various branch locations. With this tool, managers can quickly identify outliers to ensure hotel operations across multiple locations remain efficient and profitable. 

Since the development of Insight, M3 has continued its partnership with Haneke Design through continuous app maintenance and feature implementation. The success of the original application prompted the teams to begin another project together in 2020: this time customized for branch-level managers and their employees. 

Unlike M3 Insight, which uses a complex analytics engine to aggregate data from many hotels in a region, M3 Labor Management was created for a deep dive into human resources at the local level. The application aims to be an all-in-one platform for hotel labor management, making it easy for on-site managers to oversee their resources and for employees to keep track of their hours.
Employer Features
The features designed for hotel managers give at-a-glance visualization of changes in key metrics. Keeping a similar layout and interface to the Insight app, the employers’ main dashboard includes circle graphs with color fills that illustrate deviations from forecasted values. For example, if a manager wanted to compare the hours spent in housekeeping roles this month versus last, they could configure the projected number of hours within a specified time range.

The app would then compare this data with the actual hours logged. Job titles that exceeded the budgeted hours would be shown in red, while green graphs would indicate under budget positions. Clear representation of these variance metrics allows managers to easily track labor trends and address any potential issues in resource allocation. Managers are also able to view all employees currently clocked in for a shift along with any overtime hours logged.

Through the M3 web platform, users can configure notifications to be sent to their phones any time a worker’s clocked hours exceed or fall short of their scheduled shift. Metric variance alerts keep managers informed and allow them to efficiently identify and address any potential issues in their workforce. 
Employee Features
The employee features of the labor management application organize many time-tracking tools in one convenient location. Included in the employee view are timesheets and weekly schedules as well as the ability to request vacation time. Managers can configure notification alerts when an employee requests time off, and they are given the ability to approve or deny the request directly through the application. 
Looking Forward
In the coming months, Haneke Design plans to implement a means by which employees may declare tips through the app as well as clock in and out of their shifts. With these additional features, the application will function as an even more integrated tool for employee management.

The ultimate goal of the M3 Labor Management application is to give employers and employees access to the time management tools most valuable to them. Through the partnership of M3 and Haneke Design, these tools can now be accessed from a mobile device, making time-tracking easier and more convenient than ever.

Built by hoteliers exclusively for hoteliers, M3 is a powerful cloud-based financial platform and services company serving over 6,900 properties across North America’s hospitality industry by driving cost savings, revenue enhancement, and business insight. After 23 years in business without increasing prices, M3 touts a 95 percent customer retention rate without contracts. Used by over 950 management groups and owner-operators and hotels of all sizes, the platform works seamlessly with other key systems and tools in the hospitality industry and offers robust accounting and financial analysis across entire portfolios with optional operations and time management features. M3’s professional services team provides on-demand support for hotels of any size by offering a full range of customized accounting solutions to scale with a hotel’s needs. Privately held and employee-owned, M3 continues to enhance its customers' products and services at no additional charge.

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