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Want to Go Greener? Maestro PMS Makes Sustainable Practices Easy with Mobile Check-In, eFolios, Online Mobile Reporting

  • Maestro PMS
  • 05.07.19
Green practices and environmental responsibility are growing property prerequisites for many travelers. Maestro PMS understands this. Maestro has led the paperless movement for the last 10+ years providing technology solutions that support sustainable hospitality practices.

Maestro’s most recent property software innovations reduce paper use and simplify the guest journey at every touchpoint beginning with Digital Signature Registration Card through to Mobile Check-Out, streamlining operations and reducing the dependency on paper. 
“Many Maestro PMS users are independent operators committed to running their properties in ways that protect the environment. Maestro works with these operators to create responsible system processes that support their sustainability goals,” said Warren Dehan, Maestro PMS president. 
“Sustainability is now a defining element for trendy urban properties and stylish beach resorts,” said Albert Herrera, senior vice president of global product partnerships for Virtuoso, a luxury travel network.  
Maestro PMS automatically sends guests content-rich and dynamic reservation confirmations and pre- and post-stay emails. The system’s mobile check-in and digital registration eliminates hardcopy registration cards. Maestro’s Mobile Check-Out allows guests to review their folio on their mobile device from wherever they are. For guests who visit the front desk to checkout, Maestro’s Tablet Folio Review feature allows guests to read their folio for final approval on a tablet at the front desk. Updates may be made digitally and the final folio emailed. “Many properties print a hardcopy folio for guests to review, then print a second folio as each guest is checked out of the system. There is no need for these printouts with Maestro, the entire process can be managed in a paperless way,” Dehan said.
Maestro also supports electronic funds transfer (EFT) to further reduce paper use, and electronic scanning of guest identification at the front desk eliminates photocopies. Another big reduction in paper use comes from Maestro’s paperless reporting that lets properties export to Excel and PDF reports for on-screen viewing and digital archiving. They even go further to offer a fully mobile web-based Business Intelligence Analytics Module that allows management to data mine and report on all Maestro guest and statistical data without the need to print. Further, Maestro’s spa & activities management system utilizes tablets for client registration intake forms; ending the need to manually rekey data from paper forms filled out by most spa clients. Paper saving has also been extended to Maestro’s Sales & Catering system which supports electronic document signature for group business contracts.
Maestro also eliminates hardcopy comment cards with its Guest Experience Measurement (GEM) survey tool. GEM has the added advantage of automatically transferring guest comments and preferences to a guest’s history profile for more personalized interactions. “Plus, Maestro enables managers to send housekeepers a mobile version of their schedule. This ends the need to create hardcopy duty sheets for each housekeeper,” Dehan said.
The Maestro Property Management System (PMS) delivers flexible and scalable deployment options with a feature identical web browser or windows solution available in the cloud or on premise.  Maestro’s revenue-generating property software tools and services increase profitability, drive direct bookings, centralize operations, and provide personalized and mobile guest service tools to enhance the guest experience.

Maestro is a preferred cloud and on-premises PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups.

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