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Mandarin Oriental, Santiago Adopts Advanced Security and Convenience Enhancing Technology by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions

  • ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions
  • 09.15.20
ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has successfully implemented a wide range of advanced security access platforms at Mandarin Oriental, Santiago.

Located in Chile and recognized as one of South America's most luxurious hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Santiago's decision to implement VingCard Signature RFID locks alongside VingCard elevator controllers, panic bars and Elsafe Sentinel advance safes ensures that guests and their belongings are fully protected with the latest security standards while maintaining a seamless and hassle-free hotel environment. With the additional implementation of Polarbar minibars, guests staying at the property can further experience enhanced convenience with a range of F&B options now instantly available in each guestroom.  
With the implementing of VingCard Signature RFID on the property's 310 guestroom doors as well as for several doors within public areas, Mandarin Oriental, Santiago is able to leverage advanced security encryption protocols throughout the premises that protect against the threat of unauthorized keycard cloning. The presence of Signature RFID on both guestroom and common area doors also works to maximize guest and staff convenience by providing the ability to use only one RFID keycard to gain authorized access to multiple onsite locations. This convenience-enhancing ability is further extended to the hotel's elevators with the adoption of VingCard elevator controllers, allowing individuals to gain hassle-free floor access without the need for additional keycards while further boosting property-wide security with the same advanced encryption abilities as VingCard Signature RFID. To ensure maximum guest and staff safety at all times, Mandarin Oriental, Santiago additionally opted to implement ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions' panic bar devices to provide those onsite with an instant and secure means of exiting the building during an emergency.
With each of the security access solutions integrated with the Visionline access management system, hotel staff are also able to enhance guest safety with the ability to instantly deactivate keycards that are reported lost or are suspected of being stolen. Visionline can further update staff to potential security threats in real-time with the issuing of alerts for issues such as a wandering intruder attempting to use a keycard on multiple doors or when a door has been left ajar. With Visionline's ability to extend guest stays or reassign guests to new rooms without requiring a front desk visit, Mandarin Oriental, Santiago is further able to maximize guest convenience and provide a seamless hotel stay experience.     
"Large hotel properties have a wide array of security needs to ensure that the wellbeing of guests is always maintained at the highest standard, but hoteliers also have to make sure that guests are able to interact with an environment that is convenient in order guarantee that their stay is relaxing and enjoyable," said Claudio Leyton, Director of Engineering at Mandarin Oriental, Santiago. "ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions with its comprehensive line of solutions not only allow us to fully deliver on these complex expectations, but also provide us with the ability to continue meeting changing market needs and guest expectations as they evolve."
With the implementing of VingCard Signature RFID, Mandarin Oriental, Santiago is able to instantly upgrade to provide Mobile Access functionality without the need to replace any existing hardware. With Mobile Access, guests can instantly use personal devices to check-in digitally and can sidestep the need to visit the front desk where they may potentially be exposed to germs from other individuals. The solution significantly also provides guests with the ability to instantly use their devices as a convenient and secure digital guestroom key while also reducing contact with shared surfaces. Also compatible with VingCard controllers and elevator controllers, the advantages of Mobile Access can be expanded throughout a hotel's entire premises to provide more convenient and safer access to a range of areas such as swimming pools, fitness centers, parking garages, building entrances and any more.     
By also implementing Elsafe Sentinel Advance safes, Mandarin Oriental, Santiago can extend feelings of safety to valuable guest belongings using the latest in encryption technology and safe physical strength design. Elsafe Sentinel safes are UL-1037 certified to withstand multiple types of break-in attempts and excessive force. Advanced anti-tamper labyrinth protocols further protect the safe and any contents stored within from those attempting to manipulate the system.
With the installing of Polarbar minibars, each of the property's guestrooms can further be furnished with food items and beverages to suit any guest in-room need. Polarbar minibars are engineered using absorption cooling technology and are designed to operate with minimal noise to prevent any lapse in guest comfort. Other standard features include a lock and interior LED light along with a stocking capacity of up to 38 facings. 

The ASSA ABLOY Group is a global leader in access solutions. Every day, we help billions of people experience a more open world. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is dedicated to reimagining how people move through their world. Our expertise in customer journey mapping, innovation and service design leads to the invention of new security solutions that create value for our clients and exceptional experiences for end users. 
For the hospitality market, these solutions include integrated software systems, mobile access and location solutions designed to help our customers enhance the hotel guest experience, while improving operational efficiency. In order to provide best-in-class customer service, we offer support in more than 166 countries.
For more information, please visit assaabloyglobalsolutions.com

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