Merchant Link Integrated Point-to-Point Encryption Available to MICROS Clients in U.S. and Canada

  • Merchant Link
  • 04.10.14
Merchant Link has announced that TransactionShield® point-to-point encryption (P2PE) is available on MICROS RES, MICROS OPERA and MICROS Simphony 2 solutions in the U.S. and Canada.

Merchant Link partnered with MICROS to develop an integrated solution that encrypts sensitive card data at the swipe on MICROS workstations or via external card readers. TransactionShield protects data in-flight from the point of interaction (POI) and as it travels through a merchant’s IT environment.  Depending on the implementation, the POI may be an integrated, encrypting magnetic stripe reader in the workstation or an external reader that encrypts both keyed and swiped card data.  With TransactionShield, decryption does not occur until card data reaches Merchant Link’s hosted payment gateway, therefore card-data is never present in the MICROS solution.  Combining TransactionShield with TransactionVault® tokenization eliminates the risk of malware skimming card-data from the MICROS solution or other environments within a merchant’s IT infrastructure.

"Our continued partnership with Merchant Link allows us to provide both tokenization and point-to-point encryption to our clients, allowing them to focus on their business and not on the risks associated with credit card security," said Jenny Kurdle, executive vice president of MICROS U.S. and Canada.

TransactionVault® is a proven, cost-effective tokenization solution that removes cardholder data from a merchant’s system and stores it in a secure, hosted vault – away from the business and safe from hackers. TransactionShield® encrypts cardholder data using industry-recognized standards and methods, rendering data unreadable and unusable to cyber criminals.  It utilizes cloud-based decryption, which prevents decrypted data from entering in your environment, and it integrates with any encrypting device, offering you flexibility in your hardware solutions.

“In our continued effort to provide MICROS clients with leading credit card data security, we are pleased to provide them the ability to make sound business choices when it comes to securing sensitive information," said Laura Meck, executive vice president, of Merchant Link. "Our partnership with MICROS continues to evolve as the payment industry, card brand associations and merchants demand more and more security.  We are happy to say our solution has been endorsed in opinion papers from two separate Payment Application Qualified Security Accessors."

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