NAVIS Reservation and Marketing Service Implemented at Horseshoe Bay Resort

  • 04.02.14
Horseshoe Bay Resort has implemented the NAVIS Narrowcast for reservation call center sales and marketing data analysis services.

The resort in the Texas Hill Country launched independent operations with NAVIS in December 2013. NAVIS assisted the property’s independent transition with reservation sales training, rollover call services and tracking for marketing program effectiveness.

“We made the transition from major-chain franchisee to independent operation on Dec. 29, 2013," said Bryan Woodward, CMO for Horseshoe Bay Resort. "NAVIS’ training team and services definitely helped make the conversion successful.”
NAVIS trained Horseshoe Bay Resort’s leisure reservation sales team, and currently provides call recording and data monitoring systems, sales data analysis, and call roll-over and after-hours reservation services. “We selected NAVIS based on their excellent results for other independents," said Woodward. "It was a good decision.”

Horseshoe Bay Resort relied on its strong management and operations teams when it left its franchise. “You lose corporate support when you go independent," said Woodward. "We had to take over everything from telephone systems to establishing new contracts with Expedia, Kayak and our other OTAs. Getting the phones to ring is job one. How you look on Yelp and Google is important. We leveraged media outlets to educate past guests and tell our markets about the change and how they could find us online.”
NAVIS placed two reservation professionals on property to support Horseshoe Bay Resort during its cut-over. “NAVIS’ team provided essential services to help make the conversion go smoothly. Plus, our conversion rates are up year-over-year thanks to NAVIS’ support and training,” he said.

“One benefit of independence is that we own our guest database," said Woodward. "NAVIS collects a huge amount of caller data. We have been an indie for about two months and I just downloaded a large number of guest records from NAVIS for our marketing programs. I know who our guests are and why they stay with us. I was not able to access this information from our franchisor.”

NAVIS provides a unique 800 number for each of Horseshoe Bay Resort’s marketing programs to track effectiveness. “NAVIS enables us to monitor the success of every campaign real-time," said Woodward. "We see revenue and conversions by channel. I can tell you exactly how many phone calls we receive for each campaign and the PPC ROI. I leverage this information to put my marketing budget in the most successful campaigns. We could never have done this when we were flagged.”

"NAVIS is more than a phone system and reservation technology," said Woodward. “NAVIS shapes how our property does business. It improved our reservation team and optimizes our marketing spend to increase business and conversions.”

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