NAVIS to Launch NAVIS Reach CRM Marketing Solution at HITEC

  • 06.16.14
Sales and marketing solution provider, NAVIS, will formally launch its NAVIS Reach CRM marketing solution at HITEC in Los Angeles.

NAVIS Reach is a breakthrough CRM tool that allows operators to increase revenue through combining data from online and offline systems for automated, targeted email campaigns. Clients use NAVIS Reach to easily identify marketing strategies, create successful email campaigns based on guest interests, and track results in real-time.

"NAVIS Reach gives operators the ability to leverage online and offline data to create and execute highly effective email marketing campaigns," said Michelle Marquis, vice president of marketing and strategic initiatives for NAVIS. "We developed Reach from the ground up specifically for the hospitality industry, then tested it with more than 70 clients in the past 12 month. Campaigns using Reach averaged 350 percent higher open rates." Marquis explained Reach's increased open rates generated more reservations, greater revenue and better customer relations. NAVIS Reach is integrated with NAVIS 360 CRM and is unique because it gives operators real-time access to data from multiple systems. "We will formally launch NAVIS Reach at HITEC for operators who want to communicate more successfully with guests."

Marquis noted that independent operators must be more creative and nimble with their marketing programs than flagged properties. "Independents need to create guest loyalty themselves. They must be loyal to their guests and create recognition-based relationships with communication based on guest interests."
NAVIS Reach gathers information with specialized data mining programs that identify guest behaviors such as dates stayed, interests, activities, room preference, total spend per visit, overall guest value and even custom attributes.

NAVIS Reach gathers data based on specific configurable criteria, removes prebookings, eliminates duplicate names and automatically groups people into the same households instantly. When this data is collected, Reach generates targeted lists that rank guests by interests or other factors. The system provides easy-to-use custom email templates. NAVIS Reach implements the email campaigns and tracks results to verify effectiveness. The system provides comprehensive oversight so operators can track revenue generated by each marketing campaign. Reach delivers more meaningful connections with guests and greater revenue for clients.

NAVIS also now offers ProServices which leverages the NAVIS Reach data mining tools and a team of NAVIS marketing professionals. "ProServices is for operators who have limited time or resources," Marquis said. "It is a turnkey email marketing campaign service that puts NAVIS' marketing team at your service. NAVIS becomes a hotel company's virtual marketing department with ProServices by handling all aspects of strategy, execution and results measurement. Our team will find marketing opportunities in your customer information, create email strategies based off those trends for different customer groups, design the email templates, send them to customers, and report the program's results. We also track how much revenue each email campaign generates so clients know which of their offerings are most valuable to guests."

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