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NevoTV Opens New Horizons for Students at the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Northern Arizona University

  • Nevotek
  • 08.23.22
Hotel and Restaurant Management program prepares students for management positions in the luxury segment, offering a wide range of job opportunities all over the world.

Dr. Muhittin Cavusoglu, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Northern Arizona University (NAU). During his academic studies, use of Nevotek’s innovative and state-of-the-art products in more than 50 countries drew his attention.

He started utilizing Nevotek products in his lectures.  Displaying products which have been providing uninterrupted maintenance support for more than 20 years, as a subject in his lessons attracted attention of his students.
The primary goal for businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry is to understand and meet the expectations of the guests and to provide exceptional guest experience.
With the cloud-based communications and interactive solutions we have developed, we strengthen this guest experience for hotel guests from reservation all the way to the end of their journey.
Our NevoTV solution is an interactive IPTV application that includes value-added technology-integrated services within the TV. It supports personal content video streaming and is fully integrated with Hotel PMS (Property Management System).
NevoTV is one of our most recommended products in the market and we receive very positive feedback from our customers about our "contact-less" remote and IPTV app that we have added.
Our value-added services on NevoTV:
  • Broadcasting own content, we enable the guest to stream their own Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spotify etc. accounts or the media on their mobile device on the TV with our casting service.
  • Room control, we ensure that the air conditioning, lighting and curtains in the room are controlled by integrating them with IP-Based room automations via the TV.
  • We support announcing special escape plans and alarms for each room in case of an emergency, and support integrations with fire-earthquake sensors.
  • We provide room service and restaurant services over TV.
  • With the IP Phone integration, we provide opportunity to the guest to play back their voice messages, schedule wake-up calls and set their phone to DND over the TV.
  • With Amazon Alexa integration, we can provide all these services with a voice assistant too.
  • Unprecedented integration with PMS systems, NevoTV can display guest names on TV the welcome screen; provide customized language selection and offer services according to guests' preferences upon checked-in; provide hospitality services such as room service, hotel guides, amenities, billing, messaging services and more.
  • Contactless Room Phone, TV Remote and Room Control, as an add on, the modular NevoTouchless solution allows guests to manage everything on in-room TV, telephone and room control buttons via their personal mobile devices without having to download an app.

While we customize our in-room experiences to our clients’ goals to manage their operations more efficiently, we also closely follow the latest technologies and adapt them to our products with the aim of designing the future of hotel management.
In addition to Wi-Fi, IP Phone, IPTV, Digital Signage services, we have been also offering our leading "contactless" application and smart messaging platform around the world for more than 20 years.
For more information, you can contact us via sales@nevotek.com.

Nevotek is a provider of value-added hospitality solutions with unparalleled service levels for over 20 years. Nevotek products are the "catalyst" between guest satisfaction and hospitality technologies.  Products can be installed on-prem or cloud based and are deployed in more than 50 countries around the globe. Nevotek's secure interactive solutions and touchless mobility products are designed for global brand hotels, luxury resorts, casinos and cruise-liners to create exceptional personalized guest experiences

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