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NevoTouchless is designed for hotels rethinking the guest experience so that guests feel more comfortable

  • Nevotek
  • 06.30.20
As the travel industry is starting again, guests expect more convenience and hygiene, to spend less time in crowded lobbies and spend more time in-room. Now, by building contactless guest experiences, hotels can bounce back to business faster.

Nevotek, a global cloud-based in-room technology provider for hospitality market, has announced a unique contactless guest engagement solution in response to the increasing demand for guest safety and convenience while increasing the efficiency of hotel operations.

NevoTouchless is an all-in-one modular contactless experience solution, that enables guests' access to hotel services without requiring any mobile app download. It allows guests control room components without having to touch any of the light switches on the wall, the in-room telephone or TV remote. Guests can accelerate their hotel check-ins and outs, place room service orders and concierge requests from the convenience of their own mobile devices.

“As hotels and guests pay much more attention to sanitary and convenience now, we help our hotel customers to welcome back their guests with all-in-one contactless experiences. NevoTouchless reduces exposure to potentially contaminated high tough surface areas and encourages use of in-room interactive services. We have developed NevoTouchless for hoteliers looking to adapt to this new modern era of guest needs.” states Tankut Turhan, CEO of Nevotek. Emphasizing that these modular solutions do not require a mobile app, Turhan adds: “We are excited to demonstrate how our all-in-one solutions can help hotels for business recovery while offering ease of use to the guests.”

6 Ground-breaking features of NevoTouchless:
  1. SoftPhone: Virtual phone turns guest’s mobile device into room phone extension
  2. QR code scanning instead of log-in - Guests login via QR code scan from their TVs and can personalize their preferences.
  3. Mobile app without download – NevoTouchless enhances guest experience via a guests’ mobile device without requiring an app download.
  4. Contactless and More than a TV remote - Guests can use their mobile device as the in-room TV remote to control channels, place room service orders, set wakeup and more.
  5. Replaces paper compendiums – All in room paper compendiums are replaced with online versions on the guest’s mobile device that enhance touch-safety.
  6. No additional product - NevoTouchless can be activated on existing and new customers easily.
For more info, please visit: nevotek.com/nevotouchless

Contact: sales@nevotek.com

Nevotek is the provider of value-added hospitality solutions with unparalleled service levels for over 20 years. Nevotek products are the "catalyst" between guest satisfaction and hospitality technologies. Products can be installed on-prem or cloud based and are deployed in more than 50 countries around the globe. Nevotek's secure interactive solutions and touchless mobility products are designed for global brand hotels, luxury resorts, casinos and cruise-liners to create exceptional personalized guest experiences. The company has just released and started deploying a unique mobility product "Softphone by NevoTouchless”.
For more information about Nevotek’s innovative solutions, visit: nevotek.com.

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