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New Organizational Structure Announced by Carlson and Rezidor

  • Carlson Hotels Worldwide
  • 05.08.17
Carlson Hotels, Inc., and the Rezidor Hotel Group announced the creation of a global steering committee to provide overall strategic direction for both companies.

The committee will be comprised of an equal number of representatives from Carlson Hotels and Rezidor, and will provide guidance and strategic counsel to the respective management teams of Carlson Hotels and Rezidor. Both Carlson Hotels and Rezidor will continue to operate as independent entities and the companies will continue to be governed and led by each company’s respective boards of directors and key executives. The creation of a new global steering committee has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies.

As part of the new structure, Rezidor separately announced that Federico González Tejera has resigned as global chief executive officer of Carlson Hotels Group and has been named president and CEO of Rezidor. Mr. González will also serve as chairman of the global steering committee. Wolfgang M. Neumann has resigned as president and CEO of Rezidor and will serve as a non-executive director on the Rezidor board of directors. John Kidd will become chief executive officer of Carlson Hotels.

Charles Mobus, director of the Rezidor board and director of the Carlson Hotels board, said, “Rezidor and Carlson Hotels share a rich history, and their partnership remains an important component to both companies’ global success. Over the past few months, Rezidor and Carlson Hotels have carefully studied the ways in which the companies’ relationship can be enhanced in order to maximize value and growth potential. As a result, the boards of directors of both companies have determined that this new strategic approach will enable both Rezidor and Carlson Hotels to deliver improved results by better capitalizing on their existing relationship and maximizing the potential of their combined international footprint.”

Mr. González said, “Rezidor’s relationship with Carlson Hotels creates numerous opportunities for growth and success. The establishment of a global steering committee will ensure that both businesses are in lock-step and are able to make more informed decisions that will benefit each entity and the Carlson-Rezidor family as a whole. As CEO of Rezidor, and in close collaboration with the steering committee, I believe that we can realize tremendous value for Rezidor’s shareholders and both companies’ customers and employees.”

The global steering committee will foster deeper and more effective collaboration between the two companies in order to improve decision-making processes and productivity, ensure greater strategic alignment, and leverage the talent of both organizations. As part of its mandate, the committee will:

  • Provide overall strategic guidance and counsel to each company’s management teams;
  • Provide insight on key global functions within Carlson Hotels and Rezidor, including branding, marketing and sales, IT, and other global resources; and,
  • Refine partner and franchisee alignment to better reflect the needs of both companies and their customers.

According to the founding charter, the committee will be comprised of the following positions:

  • Rezidor representatives: president and CEO, and deputy president and chief financial officer
  • Carlson Hotels representatives: chief executive officer, and chief information officer
  • Global representatives of Rezidor and Carlson Hotels: executive vice president and global chief branding and commercial officer, and executive vice president and global chief resources officer

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