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New SHR-Mews Integration Will Power Optimal Channel Strategies

  • SHR
  • 03.01.21
In a continued effort to provide hoteliers with the technology interfaces they desire, SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources, a pioneer of advanced hotel revenue generation technologies, will fully integrate its Central Reservations System, Windsurfer CRS, with Mews, a leading cloud-based Property Management System (PMS).

The integration will allow sharing of key guest and transactional data between the systems in real time, leading to a host of benefits for users of both systems. No longer will hoteliers have to enter rates or inventory manually in multiple systems – this information will be shared automatically. Windsurfer will now have the capability to pull data from the Mews PMS and distribute accurate content and availability to all of the leading distribution channels, including the hotel’s own website booking engine. In addition, hoteliers using Mews will have the most up-to-data reservations data to assist in reporting and strategy building.

The integration – made possible by innovative cloud infrastructure – is just one more step in helping hoteliers automate their channel-mix strategy, ensuring their properties are listed accurately across all the sites where guests browse and shop today. This will reduce the need for hoteliers to manually monitor sites and extranets to ensure accurate information.

“The integration with Mews will allow us to help more hoteliers who need seamless access to the best technology, including artificial intelligence, when managing distribution, revenue management and marketing,” says SHR-Europe’s Managing Director, David Orensanz.

Additional plans are in motion to integrate with SHR’s CRM, Maverick, and revenue management system, Wave RMS.

“This is a fantastic start to our cooperation with SHR, one of the leading providers of guest connectivity, which will be a boon for our customers. With this fantastic 2-way integration, hoteliers can truly start to leave manual tasks behind and focus on their guests. The partnership represents a new and exciting addition to our offering, and we look forward to broadening our capabilities with SHR in the very near future,” says Mews Founder, Richard Valtr.

SHR is a leading provider of meaningful technology that helps hotels execute their best revenue generation strategies. With an evolving suite of AI-driven solutions, SHR enables hotels around the world with applications ranging from distribution to revenue management to guest management, including: Windsurfer CRS, Windsurfer Booking Engine, Wave RMS, Maverick CRM, in addition, Revenue Management for Hire services to brands, chains, and management companies. For more information vis www.shr.global.

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