New VENZA Learning Eco-System Combines Gamification, Spaced Learning to Increase Engagement, Retention and Compliance

  • 07.13.16
VENZA has launched a new mobile-enabled learning eco-system that combines gamification, spaced learning and small, flexible content components to increase learner engagement and retention while facilitating just-in-time updates as security considerations, standards and requirements, such as PCI DSS, evolve.

“We developed our new learning eco-system with today’s learners in mind,” said Daniel Johnson, VENZA’s COO. “Online gamification and peer-to-peer competition emotionally engage people in the learning as they make their way ‘up the mountain’ and earn badges along their learning path. And because it was designed specifically to be consistent and compatible across computers and mobile devices, the content can be accessed anywhere, any time, at the learner’s convenience.”

In the VENZA PEAK® learning eco-system, participants embark on a mountain trek where they complete information security-related modules addressing both PCI DSS compliance and PII issues. As learners follow their prescribed learning path, they compete against other learners in their peer group to collect completion badges and scale the mountain. In addition to promoting greater learning retention, the spaced approach and modular style mean that content and components can be updated and replaced as needed to accommodate new regulations or changes to the security landscape.

 “A fun, competitive learning environment keeps staff motivated, engaged and aware,” Johnson said. “Additionally, because data protection standards are continually changing — and criminals are always coming up with new ways to get around them — the ability to quickly adapt the content and push out update notifications delivers added benefit and peace of mind for our clients.”

The VENZA learning game eco-system is available in each of VENZA’s product solution sets, based on an organization’s and its learners needs.

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