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New version of Mirai BI: more information, easier access and better organised

  • Mirai
  • 01.26.23

Mirai - It’s been almost two years since we launched our BI, and since then, we haven’t stopped improving it. These are the new features of our latest version:

mirai bi new version

  • See all your reservation information broken down by more than 25 different dimensions: offers, type of room, board type, user country, etc. You can also combine the different dimensions by pressing CTRL.


  • New information: in addition to the dimensions that were already available, we have incorporated new data, such as the type of payment (prepaid, deferred, payment at check-in, etc.) and information about the origin of the sale (website, contact center, agency, etc.). 

We have also added a new display where you can check any extras sold (parking, late check out, romantic package, etc.).

new information mirai bi

  • Colours have semantic value: the new look&feel allows you to differentiate at a glance the queries by dates of stay (gold) or booking (blue). This way, when browsing, you know which dates are being related without having to read the legend/title (even if they are also available).

semantic value colours mirai bi

  • More filtering options: the new icon allows you to quickly and easily filter multiple dimensions, giving you the flexibility to extract the information you need.

filtering options mirai bi

  • Easier to navegate through charts and dates: the new shortcuts (top markets, different time periods, etc.) make it easier to access information with a single click.

easier navigation mirai bi

  • New way to operate with the default currency: Do you have several hotels in the same currency? We will show everything in that currency by default and, if you prefer, you can convert it to euros.

  • Consult your data and graphs according to the periods you choose: we have set up the dates so that you can operate according to relative dates (last 7 days, previous weeks taking today as a reference, etc.).

Here is a summary of what our BI can do for you:

  • More information, easier access and better organised

  • New web demand report in our BI.

  • Possibility to compare vs 2021, 2020 or 2019

  • Price competitiveness in Hotel Ads.

  • Reporting of all your marketing investments (Ads and Metasearch).

  • Benchmark of similar customers.

  • Type of stay, occupancy, club, etc. as well as data analysis: general situation of your hotel, on the books (OTB), Pickup, Markets.

Mirai partners with hotels to maximize the potential of direct sales. Mirai provides the know-how and some of the best technology to compete head-to-head with intermediaries, gain independence and reduce their overall distribution costs: Booking engine, Web Project, Metasearch Connectivity, Digital Marketing, Distribution Consulting and Contact Center. Currently over 3.200 hotels entrust their direct sales online to Mirai. Please visit www.mirai.com to learn more.

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