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Next Generation Restauranteurs Serve Up Stellar Experiences with Oracle

  • Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions
  • 11.29.18
Caractère, the first restaurant from husband and wife team Emily Roux and Diego Ferrari, has debuted with the support of Oracle Food and Beverage technology.

Based in one of London’s most fashionable neighborhood’s, Notting Hill, Caractere serves up contemporary Italian cuisine, with French culinary inspiration. To ensure the experience is as memorable as the food, Caractère is using a combination of the Simphony Cloud Point of Sale Platform the Oracle MICROS workstation 6 family and the Compact Workstation 310.
New restaurant concepts have a variety of obstacles they must overcome as they create a signature menu that customers want to return to. With Oracle Food and Beverage solutions operators can take comfort in the reliability of the time-tested restaurant management and point-of-sale workstations and focus on expressing their creativity and differentiating their offering.
“With Oracle, the ordering process is seamless. The order is taken and sent straight down to the kitchen. If our guests have any dietary requirements or allergies the system makes it very clear to the kitchen, so there’s no slip ups or confusion which is essential,” said Emily Roux, owner of Caractère. “The system saves time and energy, enabling our front of the house staff to spend more time on the floor engaging with guests and ensuring they have a positive experience.”
Oracle Food and Beverage Simphony restaurant management platform empowers restauranteurs to streamline operations, increase customer loyalty and elevate profitability with the ability to orchestrate their entire operations on one platform. Combined with the reliability of the Oracle MICROS workstations, both independent restaurants and chains have the trusted system they need to support the business they have today and scale to support their future aspirations.
“Technology plays a crucial role in enabling new restaurants to scale and deliver the consistent service that guests expect,” said Chris Adams, vice president of strategy at Oracle Food and Beverage. “Consistency of experience can define the trajectory for new restaurants and restaurant management technology is critical to ensuring that service and kitchen operations are in sync. Caractère has been an out of the gate success and we look forward to continuing to work with its talented founders to support their growth.”
Caractère purchased Oracle Food and Beverage in August before opening in October 2018.

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