Passkey and Successfully Integrate

  • Passkey (now a part of Lanyon)
  • 02.19.14
Passkey and launch an industry first by successfully integrating their platforms and launching a new online toolset that allows hotels to turn their group guests into trusted brand advocates, creating a new marketing force for every event.

These marketing forces create a significant, measurable impact for both the group and leisure segments of the hotel industry.

"For years, Passkey has been helping hotels maximize revenue from their groups," said Sam Fahmy, senior vice president of corporate development and marketing. "The integration with is one more step in that process. It allows hotels to create new revenue opportunities by turning group guests into trusted advocates. For our customers, groups often represent 20 percent or more of their overall business. Now by adding to the mix, they can use those guests as part of their overall marketing reach. Imagine if people who are coming to your hotel for a specific event can attract people who are not coming to the event to your property. That's how powerful this is."
The integration was originally developed for the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, Fla. "We originally started using to market into the social networks of our transient customers," said Gerald Urquiola, general manager of the Caribe. "However, we realized that it could be just as effective with our group customers. We talked to and Passkey and they were excited and eager to help us achieve this goal. They worked together to integrate and to help us tap into the power of our group customers. We've been very happy with the integration and are seeing excellent results. Now we have the ability to turn even more guests into brand advocates." helps Passkey customers create advocates who build strong, trusted brand connections with a group guest's friends, relatives and colleagues around the world. creates a unique marketing experience based entirely on the interest of the guest's social connection, whether they're a fellow attendee of the event or just a friend who's interested in the hotel where the group is staying.
"Passkey has been a leader in the group space for almost two decades. They help hotels seamlessly manage and understand the value of group business," said Kristi White, vice president of global sales strategy for "Partnering with a company that has created such a valuable resource is a perfect alignment for us. Group business is a huge part of the business strategy for thousands of hotels. With this integration, those hotels can potentially turn all of their customers into advocates not just their transient customers. The customers that have participated in our beta test are turning 15 percent of their group guests into advocates and driving thousands of potential new guests to their website."

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