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Revcaster Rate Shopping Data Optimizes Rates for Westmont Hospitality Group Properties

  • Rainmaker Group (The Rainmaker Group)
  • 04.01.15
Revcaster LLC, a Rainmaker Group Company, is maximizing ADR based on same-day competitive rate information for Westmont Hospitality Group and establishing rate parity across OTA channels.

“Revcaster gives my division’s GMs a clear, real-time, understanding of their comp-set’s rates to help us increase revenue,” said Vinay Zore, regional director of operations for Westmont Hospitality Group.
Westmont Hospitality Group was founded in 1975. What started with a single hotel in North America, has grown to become one of the largest privately-held hospitality organizations in the world.
“General managers use Revcaster rate shopping data to understand their property’s position in their market rate mix," said Zore. "We use it for real-time comp-set rate intelligence that gets results with very little training. For GM's at limited service hotels, time is a finite resource. Revcaster market reports are easy to understand so our managers know rates and availability at all the properties in their market. Revcaster is the best tool and value you can get. Plus, it is affordable for all the Westmont GMs who want to have it.”
Zore noted approximately 30 of his division’s properties use Revcaster. He said he shares reports with other executives to shape rate strategy.

“Revcaster helps hotels increase revenue," said Daniel Wise, president of Revcaster. "It gives operators market data that enables them to set rates more competitively based on accurate market information. Revcaster reports let properties see what rate their comp-set is selling rooms, the availability, and average position against the competition. Although other solutions do this, Revcaster offers a more cost-effective, deeper dig into the comp-set rate analysis process that is very easy to use.”

“The value of Revcaster rate shopping data is that it is online and very flexible; managers can access it anytime and it is continuously updated,” said Zore. “Managers can click on a comp property and see each room type and its rate.” Zore also uses his division’s Revcaster reports to support his meetings with property managers. “Some of our managers print the reports and post them in the back office for staff to review. If a guest wants to leave the property to stay elsewhere, the reports provide information on which hotels have availability and their rates.”

"We base our short-term rate strategy on Revcaster data,” said Zore. “If we see city-wide sellouts, we know something is happening and respond appropriately. You can have lots of data, but if it is not easy to access or understand, it is not useful. Revcaster delivers easy-to-use comp-set data that our managers put to work to optimize revenue.”

The Rainmaker Group recently acquired Revcaster. Revcaster integrates seamlessly with Rainmaker’s GuestREV® and GroupREV® systems and expands and strengthens Rainmaker’s product suite, providing the most comprehensive revenue management suite to traditional hotels, casino hotels and resort hotels. 
“Revcaster, like Rainmaker, is a truly global provider with users around the world," said Wise. "Revcaster will continue to operate from its Portland, Ore. offices and its services to clients will be unchanged.”

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