RoamBoost by RoamingAround Adopted at The Gale South Beach

  • RoamingAround, LLC
  • 02.04.14
Menin Hospitality property, Gale South Beach, turned to RoamingAround's Roamboost cellular signal enhancement solution to address the problem of insufficient cell coverage at the property.

During a $35 million restoration initiative with considerable infrastructure and cosmetic upgrades, hotel management’s attention was drawn towards the challenge of poor cellular reception. Cell service was nonexistent on the first floor and basement levels, both of which housed the hotel's administrative offices, the Regent Cocktail Club and rec room lounge, lobby, Dolce Italian restaurant and first-floor guestrooms. They turned to RoamBoost to address the problem quickly and cost effectively.
RoamBoost uses an exclusive technology and a network of highly efficient antennas to enhance in-building cellular coverage for all carriers. This solution defeats one of the most complex challenges that hotels face today by enhancing the local geography’s coverage inside the building. This ensures that all mobile calls and data communications are conducted successfully.

"Our staff is always moving around the property, making it incredibly difficult to reach them on a landline," said Jared Galbut, managing principal of Menin Hospitality. "The best way to connect with team members is on their cell phones. Unfortunately, without cell service, communicating is near impossible. Regent Cocktail Club guests were equally as frustrated, unable to share their pictures and posts with friends on social media. Thankfully, RoamingAround came highly recommended as a mobility expert that could quickly fix our problem."

"RoamingAround installed RoamBoost antennas in the basement and on the first floor, and immediately cellular coverage was spectacular," said Galbut. "We could connect with staff and vice versa, and posts and Tweets from our bar patrons were appearing all over the social networks. Then, sporadic complaints about dropped calls and poor connections were being reported by guests staying on higher floors. We added RoamBoost to our 2014 capital budget, and today, the Gale South Beach is complaint free." 

Michael Garvin, president of RoamingAround, explained that because RoamBoost is scalable, the Gale South Beach was able to take a phased-in approach and add antennas as needed. Phase I, which was completed mid-August 2013, included eight nodes to cover the back-of-house offices, restaurant, bar, lobby, first-floor guestrooms and back lounge; Phase II was completed this month, and included eight more nodes that were added to cover floors two, three and four.

"RoamBoost is enabling hotels to place the antennas in areas where they are needed most today, and if enhanced coverage is required elsewhere in the future, properties can simply add more nodes," said Garvin. "RoamBoost makes it easy for hotels to achieve guest loyalty and attract new prospects. It also helps to make employees’ and managers' jobs easier, as they can now stay connected to each other and to customers via mobile devices, even in remote areas such as a basement."

Today, Menin Hospitality owns and operates six hotels and three more are in development. Just as they addressed poor cellular coverage at the Gale South Beach, Menin Hospitality plans to do the same for all properties in the future, adding RoamBoost as their trusted solution where warranted.

"Just because a guest can get a cell signal doesn't mean that hotel is providing sufficient coverage," said Galbut. "Guests need to be productive, and that means having full mobile connectivity whenever and wherever they need it."

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