RoamingAround Enhances Cellular Coverage in Hotels with RoamBoost

  • RoamingAround, LLC
  • 12.09.14
RoamingAround has developed RoamBoost to defeat challenges of concrete building construction or new LEED regulations to enhance the cellular coverage inside a hotel.

The solution uses a network of neutral host antennas that are placed strategically throughout the building to address signal strength issues in corridors, common areas and meeting spaces. RoamBoost proactively removes any obstacles that could potentially interfere with mobile calls or data transactions.

"If you think your property doesn't have a problem with cellular reception, search for your hotel on TripAdvisor or other dedicated review site and read what your customers are saying just to be sure," said Michael Garvin, RoamingAround president and CEO. "Comments such as 'good hotel; awful cell reception' are quite common, and most times these dissatisfied travelers say they will never return. When these comments are shared via the social media channels, it's a guarantee that potential prospects will disappear – especially meeting planners who don't want to be inundated with complaints from their 300 delegates (which equates to a loss of 600 room nights or more).

"Unless you operate a 1,000-room city center hotel, the cellular carriers won't be knocking on your door to assist with the problem," Garvin said. "The problem rests with the owner or management company to get cellular coverage under control. Don't panic. For less than 70 cents per square foot, the issue of drop calls can be gone forever with RoamBoost."

RoamBoost works by taking an existing mobile signal and amplifying this throughout problem areas of a hotel. The solution can target specific areas as small as 5,000 square feet up to entire multi-site, multi-story properties. Typically, guests can immediately see a three-bar improvement on their phone’s signal strength meter.

“Traditionally, distributed antenna systems (DAS) have been too costly for many hotels to consider," Garvin said. "Properties that have problems with guests using their phones simply live in hope that the network carriers fix the problem. Sometimes this happens, but it can take years, during which a hotel’s reputation is being damaged and decisions to not return are being made by guests."

RoamBoost is an active DAS solution that improves signal strength on all the major network carriers in the U.S. with a simple hardware solution. Problem areas of a hotel are identified during the solution design phase. A network of DAS nodes are placed strategically throughout the building to address signal strength issues in corridor, common area or meeting spaces.

"Because mobile technology is the key to successful hotel operations and exceptional guest experiences today, it was critical that we deliver problem-free connectivity property wide," said Ken Barnes, VP of information technology for White Lodging. "People just aren't going to call down to the front desk and ask to be transferred to a room to speak to a colleague or a friend, nor will they will use the in-room phone to call home or the office. Instead, they will rely on their smartphones or tablets to communicate onsite and off premises, and unless a hotel can support those devices, they will lose significant business. The cell signal amplification service provided by RoamBoost is giving guests at the Milwaukee Marriott Downtown the support they need."

“RoamBoost was excellent," said Ron Hardin, VP of technology for Davidson Hotel Company. "Probably one of the smoothest installs with no interruptions. Team was very cordial and responsive in all ways. We are looking forward to the next one.”

"Gale South Beach staff is always moving around the property, making is incredibly difficult to reach them on a landline," said Jared Galbut, managing principal for Menin Hospitality. "The best way to connect with team members is on their cell phones. Unfortunately, without cell service, communicating is near impossible. Regent Cocktail Club guests were equally as frustrated, unable to share their pictures and posts with friends on social media. RoamingAround installed RoamBoost antennas in the basement and on the first floor, and immediately cellular coverage was spectacular. We could connect with staff and vice versa, and posts and Tweets from our bar patrons were appearing all over the social networks. Then, sporadic complaints about dropped calls and poor connections were being reported by guests staying on higher floors. We added RoamBoost to our  capital budget, and today, the Gale South Beach is complaint free." 

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