RoamingAround Optimizes Tradeshows With Mobile Engagement Solution

  • RoamingAround, LLC
  • 09.09.14
RoamingAround is changing the way exhibitors and customers communicate at tradeshows with its event engagement tool.

Event Engagement by RoamingAround is enabling exhibiting companies t:
  • Improve the customer experience with interactive touch capabilities
  • Reduce the amount of printed collateral at the booth and costs associated with printing
  • Reduce shipping and handling charges incurred at the each show
  • Avoid renting badge scanning equipment
  • Eliminate deciphering handwritten notes and data entry
  • Receive real-time reporting of lead generation
  • Automatically deliver leads to sales managers in the field
  • Edit, delete or add products digitally to digital catalogs
  • Offer more options for customers to review up-to-date product offerings

"Tradeshow season is a stressful time, especially when planners are required to justify event investments but they aren't equipped with analytics to measure campaign success," said Michael Garvin, RoamingAround president. "Depending on the industry, it's not uncommon for the tradeshow manager to book 50 to 100 exhibits in one year. And even if fewer than 20 shows are scheduled, depending on the city and the facility's union status, the investment costs can be astronomical– even before the tradeshow begins. Today, by leveraging mobility, RoamingAround is putting a new spin on the way tradeshows are executed, experienced and measured with Event Engagement.

"Using mobile technology, exhibitors can say goodbye to badge readers and hello to their customers– by name– and start conversations with clients about actual products they are interested in by accessing products data and images uploaded to the mobile device," he said. "Even remote sales teams can access tradeshow information live, and continue these conversations without skipping a beat through either our cloud-based web portal or our iOS and Android applications, so that tradeshow exhibitors do not have to worry about spotty WiFi connectivity."

Event Engagement enables exhibitors to quickly type into their personal mobile devices or tablet the names of people walking into their booths and immediately receive detailed information about each person's preferences and buying habits (as long as they are an existing customer), including knowing how much money the visitor spends with the company each year. Event Engagement even provides customer contact information, property codes, brand association data and products of interest. It gives exhibitors the ability to take digital notes and then send those notes via text message or email to territory managers in the field so they can follow up in hours with their clients, even before the show ends. This not only streamlines the follow-up process of trying to decipher notes and correlating badge scanning print outs, but it enables event planners to easily run reports and measure campaign success.

There are many benefits to mobile optimizing tradeshows with Event Engagement including:

  1. Exhibitors can customize their individual goals, branding, product images and use their personal mobile devices to access proprietary consumer profile data, complete with back-end mobile analytics and predictive behavior information to produce measurable results.
  2. Exhibitors can combine as many as 27 different technologies in unique ways to create the most exciting and personalized consumer experience. Event Engagement makes it possible to create the reaction you want and spurs booth visitors to action. In turn, this customer engagement may result in a purchase, entry into a contest or sweepstakes, redemption of a text mobile offer, feedback on market research or survey, taking a virtual tour or encourage brand advocacy via viral, social marketing with live social media feed boards (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine) or mobile photo share and more.
  3. Exhibitors have the flexibility to edit, delete or add data fields to gather personal information about prospects or existing clients. The customer experience then becomes more personal and engaging with interactive, touch capabilities that can incorporate a scavenger hunt or overlay augmented reality for product demonstrations.
  4. Remote sales managers know what date and time potential prospects or existing customers checked-in at the booth and what product(s) were of interest, in order to produce actionable follow ups, without the need of product ordering tear sheets
  5. Event planners can use their time wisely. Instead of deciphering hand-written notes and performing tedious data entry, they can simply run reports and input data back to Salesforce and other CRM or lead nurturing programs. Planners can determine trends and successes of each show and the history of each attendee at cumulative shows.

"Having a mobile alternative to traditional badge scanning is truly needed in many industries," Garvin said. "If a company has a large catalog of products, each time a product code changes or a product becomes discontinued, the exhibiting company will have to print new collateral materials– which contributes to booth clutter. RoamingAround developed a program that will pre-populate all customer data to make the booth visit interactive, informative and memorable. It saves on labor, reduces post-show stress from trying to decipher chicken scratch notes, and directly helps the environment by eliminating unnecessary printing of bulk collateral materials. Exhibitors and event managers who have been introduced to this Event Engagement tool are telling us that it is a dream come true; they only wish they already had it in place for planning their 2015 tradeshow season."

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