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SALTO Systems Earns Certified Carbon Neutral Achievement

  • SALTO Systems
  • 07.13.20
SALTO Systems, a leading manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, has received carbon-neutral certification for its factory headquarters in Spain and across all of its operations. Carbon neutrality is achieved by calculating a carbon footprint and reducing it to zero through a combination of efficiency measures in-house and supporting external emission reduction projects.

SALTO’s leading-edge electronic access control hardware and software technologies are in use in more than 15,000 installations worldwide, with an estimated 14 million daily users. SALTO has local offices in 25 countries including the United States and Canada.
The achievement is a great honor for SALTO as one of the company’s primary missions is to deliver electronic access control in an environmentally responsible manner. SALTO has focused on achieving carbon neutrality through ambitious reductions in emissions across all stages of the product life cycle including design, production, energy efficiency, and recycling
"We want to lead the way in the delivery of sustainable keyless and smart access control solutions by providing our customers with smart lock products and services that reflect their own values,” said SALTO CEO Javier Roquero. “We are very conscious of our responsibility to consider the environmental, social, and economic impact of our organization and today’s news about our carbon neutral achievement is just the latest stage in this journey."
One hundred percent of SALTO’s electricity is generated by either on-site solar panels or purchased as certified green electricity. All emissions that cannot be eliminated are compensated with the Madre de Dios Amazon Forest Conservation Project. This verified carbon offsetting project reduces deforestation and helps to establish sustainable forest management practices.
“This achievement reflects almost two decades of work to make SALTO Systems as energy and carbon-efficient as it can be,” said Roquero. “The initiatives that SALTO has undertaken to achieve carbon-neutral certification demonstrate our company’s commitment to becoming more sustainable. We are very proud of our success!”

SALTO Systems delivers state-of-the-art, wire-free, and keyless electronic access control solutions and has established a very strong presence in hospitality. Our innovative and reliable electronic locking solutions improve guest experience, hotel management, design, and security for hotel rooms, suites, back-of-house, meeting space infrastructure and more. Our pioneering SALTO Virtual Network SVN data-on-card platform provides stand-alone, networked locking solutions that continue to set SALTO apart. Our technological expertise has evolved to leading positions in cloud technology and mobile access. Our premium electronic lock solutions fit hotels of all types and sizes and include sleek designs that match any hotel d├ęcor.

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