Shanty Creek, Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts and Southernmost Hotel Collection Utilize Maestro's Integrated Guest Experience Measurement (GEM)

  • Maestro PMS
  • 03.25.13
NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS's Integrated Guest Experience Measurement is a business asset that provides a powerful online guest feedback tool to drive revenue, service and guest retention.

Maestro’s Integrated Guest Experience Measurement (GEM) Delivers Guest Insights that Drive Profit, Inspirational Service and Guest Retention

Guests today expect a consistently superior, personal level of service from any property where they stay. NORTHWIND’s Guest Experience Measurement system, GEM, enables operators to deliver a well-orchestrated hospitality experience that generates revenue and keeps guests returning. GEM gives hotels tools to anticipate guests' wants so property teams can deliver on expectations at every touch point.

GEM leverages the guest voice as a business asset. It is a powerful online guest feedback tool that is fully integrated with NORTHWIND’s Maestro Property Management System. GEM uses advanced technology to analyze guest sentiments and gives operators actionable predictive intelligence that maximizes revenue and guest service. Based on GEM’s guest feedback, hotels can allocate resources to areas that will make the biggest impact on guest loyalty and profitability.

NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS President Warren Dehan said, “GEM’s guest sentiment input is recorded in Maestro so operators see all a guest’s previous responses and ratings at check-in. This enables more personalized service. GEM also gives guests a direct and trusted outlet to respond to questions about their stay so they may be less likely to go to TripAdvisor with a negative review. GEM is better than comment cards because it is automated and 3rd party managed so staff stay automatically informed of guest feedback with personalized ratings on every guest profile in Maestro.”

The system provides valuable insights that drive more profitable business decisions and enables operators to correct problems fast before they escalate.

GEM reveals exactly what guests value so you can generate more revenue

“We use GEM at Shanty Creek to collect valuable guest feedback about their stay,” said Leslie Chinn, Director of Revenue Management at Shanty Creek. Shanty Creek has three properties with suites and condo units, four championship golf courses, two ski mountains, five dining outlets, and an executive conference center. “GEM automatically emails guests a sentiment survey at check-out. The survey covers staffing, accommodations, and activities. GEM’s reports show us exactly what guests’ value so we can expand those services and activities to increase revenue. Our executive committee reviews the GEM reports for action and we discuss the report with our departments. We pay special attention to experiences that inspire guests. GEM is a great training tool because it shows our staff what guests like and keeps them coming back.”

Engage with Guests Before They Post Negative Reviews

“GEM guest sentiment data creates more personal guest relationships and stronger loyalty,” said Nivi Shroff, Principal at Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts that operates six oceanfront resorts in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. ”GEM helps generate revenue by showing us areas where we can better meet guest needs. We use GEM guest sentiment reporting at three of our resorts to collect feedback, both positive and negative, with automated online post-departure surveys. When we see positive statements we respond with thanks and direct the comment to sites that post hotel reviews. If we receive a negative comment, we immediately forward it to the appropriate property and department to take corrective action. For example, hotel guests today are health conscious and often make menu suggestions. When we receive requests like this, we can quickly add more health-conscious entrees to our menus. The system gives us an effective way to look closely at all the departments in our properties so we can make the changes guests recommend. This saves time and helps us create a better guest experience since we can see our properties through our guests’ eyes.”

“A property that does not effectively monitor guest comments does not know how it is doing,” said Stuart M. Kaufman, Owner of Southernmost Hotel Collection. “We use customized GEM surveys to gather guest information for our three properties. We focus on our service, website, staff courtesy, and the quality of each guest’s stay. We review all comments in our management meetings and the findings contribute to our Exceptional Customer Service staff-training program. Negative comments are most valuable because they show us how to do better.”

GEM gives operators the ability to choreograph a comprehensive, multi-channel guest experience strategy that optimizes every resource to build stronger guest relationships and exceed guest expectations.

For a demo of the Maestro Property Management Suite featuring GEM and the ResWave Booking Engine, please contact NORTHWIND at 1.888.667.8488 or email

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