Shift4 Achieves U.S. EMV Certification with First Data

  • Shift4 Corporation
  • 01.14.16
Shift4 Corporation announced it has completed certification for U.S. EMV with First Data’s Rapid Connect® solution.

Merchants can now process chip-embedded credit and debit card payments through Rapid Connect while receiving the security and flexibility benefits of Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway.

Benefits of processing EMV payments with Shift4 include:

  • Layered security: Many companies have operated under the misconception that EMV chip cards will protect merchants from payment data breaches. However, Shift4 layers the card-based security of EMV chip cards with the advanced security of their True P2PE™ and TrueTokenization® technologies to assure that sensitive payment card data doesn’t enter the merchant’s payment processing environment. This offers merchants far better protection against data breaches and significantly reduces the scope of their PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) assessments.
  • EMV expertise: Shift4 has been processing EMV payments in Canada since 2010 and was instrumental in addressing the challenges of EMV implementation and simplifying the EMV migration. Shift4’s EMV expertise and innovative payment technologies are being leveraged again to assure that each U.S. EMV implementation offers merchants the simplified payment processing, layered security and advanced systems integrations they need to optimize their daily business operations.
  • Numerous systems integrations: With more than 350 systems integrations, Shift4 is able to seamlessly extend their EMV certification with Rapid Connect to enable EMV payment processing through a wide variety of point-of-sale and property management systems. This gives the 24,000+ merchants using DOLLARS ON THE NET the ability to adopt EMV quickly and easily.
  • Device flexibility: Shift4’s U.S. EMV certification with Rapid Connect supports both chip-and-PIN and chip-and-signature verification methods and offers the ability to use a number of EMV-capable payment devices using USB, serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. Shift4 currently supports Ingenico Group’s iPP320, iPP350, iSC Touch 250, iSC Touch 480, iCMP, iSMP Companion and iWL250 and Verifone’s MX 915 and MX 925. All of these devices support True P2PE and offer NFC/contactless capability in addition to EMV, enabling mobile wallet acceptance, including Apple Pay™, Android Pay™, Samsung Pay™ and more. Support for additional devices may be added in the future.
  • Bank and processor neutrality: Shift4’s complete bank and processor neutrality allows merchants to connect with any of the major U.S. processors as they certify Shift4 for U.S. EMV. This offers merchants the freedom to negotiate the best payment processing rates, centrally manage payments across a variety of banks and processors, and make a switch if needed without losing access to transaction data.

“Shift4’s certification for U.S. EMV with First Data’s Rapid Connect solution assures that merchants secure every EMV transaction with True P2PE and TrueTokenization on top of our already feature-rich payment gateway solution," said J.D. Oder II, CTO and SVP of research and development, Shift4. "This advanced level of security is a core part of Shift4’s EMV solution and goes naturally with our commitment to providing our merchant customers with the latest payment processing technologies.”

“Shift4’s EMV strategy is unmatched by any other payment gateway in the industry," said Dave Oder, CEO, Shift4. "Through our DOLLARS ON THE NET payment gateway, merchants won’t just meet the new EMV standard for credit and debit cards; they’ll also get bank and processor neutrality, advanced payment solutions and the layered security they need to achieve true payment data security.”

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