StayNTouch, SHR and Rainmaker Announce Webinar to Optimize Connectivity between Hotel PMS/CRS/RO

  • StayNTouch Inc.
  • 06.07.17

StayNTouch, SHR and Rainmaker announced a webinar on Wednesday, June 14th at 1pm EST/10am PST, dedicated to de-mystifying and optimizing the PMS, CRS and Revenue Optimization (RO) relationship.

The “Get the Balance Right: Mastering the PMS/CRS/RO Connection in a Changing Economy” webinar is hosted by executives from StayNTouch, SHR and Rainmaker. In the webinar, hoteliers will learn:

  • How to Position the PMS as a hub to maximize connectivity of your technology solutions
  • How to Interface the CRS with the PMS/RO to maximize your distribution
  • Optimizing the best revenue strategy to streamline pricing, enhance guest acquisition, and boost your bottom line.

“So much of what makes a successful hotel operations today is ensuring that your systems are well integrated,” said Jos Schaap, founder and CEO of StayNTouch. “It’s no longer sustainable for hotel systems to work in silo, there’s got to be a well-balanced and well-connected ecosystem in place. I’m excited to share my insight with today’s hoteliers alongside our partners at SHR and Rainmaker for what I’m sure will be a very informative webinar.”

“At SHR, we hear from our clients a genuine desire for best practices in system integration,” said Estella Hale, vice president of product for SHR. “With HITEC just around the corner, this webinar is coming at the perfect time to help clear up some of the confusion about what great distribution strategy looks like for today’s hoteliers, and how to go about making it happen."

“For many of Rainmaker’s clients, systems integration is an operational headache they experience often, and one of our key priorities is creating integrations that work well,” said Ellis Connolly, vice president of hospitality sales at The Rainmaker Group. “This is an important topic to hoteliers, and one that is not always the first to be covered. We’re excited to be a part of this event to help hoteliers get a better grasp on the relationship and connection between these systems.”

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