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Staycity Aparthotels Implements IDeaS Optix With Immediate Operational and Commercial Gains

  • 11.10.21
IDeaS, a SAS company, a world leading provider of hotel revenue management software and services, announced today that Staycity Aparthotels has implemented IDeaS Optix™—an advanced reporting and analysis module for IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS)—at over 20 of its properties across Europe.

Having used IDeaS to optimize revenue since 2014, Staycity will now leverage Optix to provide greater granularity at an enterprise level as it emerges post-pandemic with the industry’s most customizable revenue analysis BI tool. Optix delivers instant access to rolled-up data to recognize multi-property trends and better prioritize time and resources.

  • Significant time savings – IDeaS Optix immediately helped Staycity’s revenue team cut out significant time spent on weekly manual data analysis. Optix will enhance Staycity’s cluster revenue management approach, enabling the organization to do more with less as it expands its portfolio.
  • One-source-of-truth, granular data insights – In just a few months, Optix has become Staycity’s “go-to” revenue-insights tool and “one source of the truth,” elevating its entire commercial team—from revenue to sales to digital—to be more analytical and strategic with customizable, easily shareable reports.
  • Hands-on implementation support – Throughout the onboarding process, IDeaS provided one-on-one support and guidance. An IDeaS industry consultant created tailored workshops and helped Staycity’s revenue team speed up adoption and maximize its technology investment.

“Optix has become the revenue team’s go-to first thing each day, but I’m using it every day as well, in every meeting, along with the other heads of our commercial team. We’re all seeing Optix as our one source of truth. I would say it’s easily cut out 10 hours a week of work for me alone,” said Paula Mullaney, commercial director of Staycity Aparthotels.

“The ease of use of the tool has given the revenue team so much more time for analysis. They want to allocate certain times every day to make sure they’re using it because they get excited about it and want to see how they’ve improved. It’s definitely changed their working day and given them more time to be a lot more strategic. The entire IDeaS team we worked with has the right background and understood what we needed at every level,” said Emma Buckley, head of revenue management, Staycity Aparthotels.

“We are honoured to expand our partnership with Staycity Aparthotels as they leverage IDeaS Optix to better visualise performance data across their growing portfolio. We developed Optix to provide a first-of-its-kind, holistic, estate-wide assessment of revenue health. Staycity is the perfect use case, and I am pleased to see their quick adoption and success with Optix, using it to identify trouble spots, recognise micro and macro booking trends, measure key performance indicators and easily slice and dice their data,” said Sanjay Nagalia, chief operating officer and chief technology officer of IDeaS. 

IDeaS, a SAS company, is a world leading provider of revenue management software and services. With over 30 years of expertise, IDeaS delivers revenue science to more than 16,000 clients in 144 countries. Combining industry knowledge with innovative, data-analytics technology, IDeaS creates sophisticated yet simple ways to empower revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions they can trust. Results delivered. Revenue transformed. Discover greater profitability at ideas.com.

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