TTI Technologies Partners with Maestro PMS to Help Hotels Automate the Guest ID Process at Check-In

  • TTI Technologies International
  • 08.19.16
TTI Technologies, a supplier of ID/passport scanners, announced it has successfully completed integration of its Scan2PMS solution with Maestro PMS allowing its member hotels the ability to capture and accurately populate information such as guest photo, name and address directly into the guest profile.

TTI provides self-service solutions to hotels, resorts and hostels that are easy to operate, require minimal staff interaction, and include design, installation and on-going 24/7/365 management and support. Scan2PMS is a customized application that allows data to be captured from the license ID or passport using optical-character recognition (OCR) technology.

“We’ve had significant interest from our clients searching for an efficient and reliable solution that would automate the guest ID process at check-in or at any time throughout the guest’s stay," said Warren Dehan, president of Maestro. "The integrated solution with TTI’s Scan2PMS will reduce check-in time for guests while insuring each hotel’s level of security and data accuracy with an electronic capture of the guests personal data. We look forward to bringing this solution to help our clients achieve their goals for improved operational efficiencies.”

Steve Blidner, TTI CEO, said Scan2PMS provides an additional host of guest-service and asset-management benefits. “On top of the system’s ability to protect guests against identity theft and hotels from false charge-back claims, Scan2PMS streamlines guest check-in and captures guest history data for post-stay marketing,” Blidner said. “With accurate and validated guest information, hotels can stay in touch with its guests before, during and after their stay – which greatly assists with building guest loyalty and brand differentiation. Scan2PMS is all about providing personalized, welcoming service that is both safe and effective. And, it eliminates the unsafe practice of photocopying IDs, along with associated time and labor costs.”

“We are very pleased to be a Maestro integration partner and look forward to expanding awareness of this simple, affordable and in-demand guest service that heightens security, streamlines service and makes the guest experience exceptional,” said Blidner.

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