The SmarTV Company Announces Strategic Partnership with InterKnowlogy

  • The SmarTV Company
  • 04.17.13
The SmarTV Company, LLC and InterKnowlogy announce a partnership to work together to define the next-generation guest interaction platform for hoteliers.

The SmarTV Company and InterKnowlogy partner to bring powerful next-generation guest interaction experience to hoteliers

The SmarTV Company, LLC (SmarTV) announces a strategic partnership with California-based InterKnowlogy to define the next-generation guest interaction platform for hoteliers.

The solution incorporates proven consumer strategies and best-case scenarios based on human factors and usability studies into a seamless, high-impact and interactive guest experience for all device platforms, including room systems, digital signage, tablets, and mobile devices.

The new platform design will make it more attractive for guests to use their in-room interface and personal mobile devices to discover and take advantage of hotel services and promotions. It will also offer hoteliers a broad range of upsell and advertising capabilities for on-site amenities and services that generate additional revenue and increase their profit margins.

“Partnering with InterKnowlogy to deliver highly interactive hotel guest interfaces that showcase our technology platform and their consumer usability design experience is a winning scenario for everyone involved,” says Michael Infante, CEO of the SmarTV Company.  “The long-term goal is to provide a proven, cohesive user interface design strategy for hoteliers and incorporate the same best practices learned throughout the design process into next-generation interfaces for the other markets we serve.”

“The way consumers interact with user interfaces on devices can make or break their experience and overall perception of a brand. However, interactive user experience design is often overlooked during the development of applications,” says Tim Huckaby, founder/chairman of InterKnowlogy. “SmarTV Studio tools enable us to rapidly build and test user interface designs and applications while facilitating the flexibility for iterative modifications based on usability feedback. The result is more engagement and better user experiences for guests coupled with dynamic user interfaces for the hospitality industry. We are excited to work with the experienced team at SmarTV who understand the value of user interface design and guest engagement platforms.”

Hoteliers can experience the SmarTV and InterKnowlogy partnership at the HITEC tradeshow taking place June 24-27, 2013 in Minneapolis, Minn. by visiting GuestSmarTV Booth 1301 and attending Tim Huckaby’s presentation, “The Natural User Interface – A New Genre of User Experience.”

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