The Three “C’s” Webinar Series: Clear, Concise, Comforting: Responding to Privacy Regulation FAQs

  • 09.06.18
VENZA is presenting The Three “C’s” Webinar Series to address frequently asked questions about the current state of privacy laws.

Touching on such privacy laws as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), this webinar series will explain how these laws impact the way in which your organization does business. It will also address frequent issues encountered by guest-facing staff while trying to keep guest data safe in today’s hospitality industry.
Beginning, perhaps, with Canada’s 2004 ratification of the PIPEDA, multiple accountability-based privacy laws have emerged with the intent to protect personal data (also known as “PII”) from data processing activities that put people’s privacy at risk. By the time Mexico ratified its Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, more than 50 countries around the globe had established privacy laws. The GDPR and CCPA are two privacy regulations currently capturing the industry’s attention. This webinar series, facilitated by Daniel Johnson, partner/co-founder and EU office managing director, will not only deep-dive into FAQs pertaining to guest-facing staff but also detail best practices for responding to these concerns.
Earlier this year, Johnson co-chaired the Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) GDPR Work Group, which consisted of approximately 50 industry colleagues collaborating to produce a hospitality-focused GDPR white paper with an accompanying self-assessment tool. These materials have helped the industry prepare for the GDPR. As a member of the Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP) Hospitality Data Protection Officer Task Force, Daniel also helped to architect hotel guest data flow charts. This set of flowcharts illustrate data flow scenarios, which involve parties providing hospitality services, steps in the guest journey and more.

Register for one of these three free webinars on September 20, October 4 or October 11 and get clarification on how these laws impact your organization during the Q&A session at the end of each webinar. Register now, as space is limited!

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