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The Venza Group Develops New Module as Part of Security Awareness Program

  • 05.29.13
The Venza Group, a training company in the hospitality technology industry, has added an additional module to its security awareness PEAK Compliance and Performance Training Series.

Venza PEAK™ Adds Another Title, Security Awareness

There is, quite simply, an astonishing number of financial transactions (i.e. payment card purchases) being handled by employees on practically every rung of the hospitality industry ladder of professionals. As with most things, dangerous habits usually put the both the perpetrator as well as those around him/her at increased risk. This is especially true when it comes to information security. This is a vitally important message for the hospitality industry.

A recent work by noted war correspondent Elizabeth Becker revealed that 1 in 12 people on Planet Earth are employed in Hospitality (including Travel and Tourism). In terms of raw numbers of people, no other industry compares. Meanwhile, 78% of data breaches occur in Hospitality and Retail. Over 50% of attacks are targeted at point-of-sale terminals. And in an even more terrifying new trend, new harvesting techniques allow today's hackers access to small business (less than 250 employees). Small businesses now comprise 31% of data breaches.

Security technologies that deliver against payment card industry (PCI) compliance requirements certainly have their place. But what of the other valuable collections of data such as:

  • Employee Information
  • Loyalty Member Contact Details
  • Accounting and Financial Records

The Venza Group has developed a module that acts as a cornerstone to a security awareness program. The module enlightens learners to the risks posed by dangerous handling of precious information, whether that of a guest, their company, or their own. The training includes assessments and the lessons are reinforced via real-life business situations. It is the latest addition to the PEAK™ Compliance and Performance Training Series.

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