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TraknProtect received the Bronze "Leader in Freedom" award from the national anti-trafficking organization, Safe House Project, for their collaborative efforts to combat domestic child trafficking

  • TraknProtect
  • 09.28.21
TraknProtect, a leading employee safety button provider for several major hotel brands, has received the Bronze "Leader in Freedom" award from the national anti-trafficking organization, Safe House Project, for the work carried out through training and education to combat domestic child trafficking.

“It is important that we all take responsibility for the fight against human trafficking. Major hotel brands have made a commitment to educate their employees to combat human trafficking as part of the AHLA 5-Star Promise. But we as suppliers and vendors need to also be part of the solution. We travel as much as if not more than many hotel employees and so, we have a responsibility to be the eyes and ears to assist and support hotels in this important mission. And at TraknProtect, we have partnered with Safe House to help us educate all our employees on combatting human trafficking and we encourage our partners to do the same,” said Parminder Batra, CEO of TraknProtect. “By joining forces with Safe House Project, we can ensure that we are part of the solution to this difficult problem and we look forward to supporting Safe House in working with companies big or small to also make a commitment to eradicating human trafficking.”
"Corporations, especially those within the hospitality industry have an important place in the fight against trafficking," said Kristi Wells, Safe House Project's Chief Executive Officer. "By TraknProtect taking the steps to become a Leader in Freedom they are not only reinforcing their corporate commitment to safety in the hospitality industry but empowering their employees to be part of the solution in their own communities. Through training provided by Safe House Project, their employees are equipped to spot, report, and prevent trafficking; and through their corporate donations, TraknProtect supports victims of trafficking with safe housing.”
“We know that information from the front lines is the best way to prevent bigger problems. Just as Homeland Security urges us with the phrase ‘if you see something say something’, our staff, customers and the employees that we serve are now even more fully empowered to “say something” discreetly and safely regardless of what language they speak or the circumstances in which they find themselves. And we are proud to have TraknProtect support such an important initiative,” said Tony Wilkins, one of TraknProtect’s Board of Advisors.
“Training and education are critical to eradicating human trafficking. The Board of Advisors of TraknProtect supports the work of Parminder Batra and her entire organization on their continuing focus on the tragedy of human trafficking,” added Page Petry, also one of TraknProtect’s Board of Advisors.
"It's so encouraging to see businesses engaging in the fight against trafficking," said Survivor Leader, Sarah Evans, "We all have a duty to eradicate trafficking in our communities and the hospitality industry is an integral part of that. They often have the opportunity to identify victims, support them upon exit, and make a real change. Hats off to TraknProtect for their willingness to engage. They're making a difference, in their communities and in the lives of survivors like myself."

TraknProtect is a real-time location technology provider enabling hotels to harness the power of location data and integrate it into their safety and operations systems. TraknProtect provides enhanced safety devices (ESDs) for hotel employees through activation of a safety button integrated solution alerting security personnel to the location of employees in need of assistance. The platform provides additional access to real-time locations and data about hotel inventory, room service trays, and vendor activity on the property. The TraknProtect software platform is also enabling hotels to enhance guest satisfaction, increase employee efficiency, and improve employee safety by using TraknProtect data analytics to save significant capital costs and make smarter inventory purchasing decisions and improved management of outside vendors. For more information, please visit traknprotect.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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