TravelClick Launches Media Intelligence Platform to Drive Direct Booking Revenue for Hotels

  • TravelClick
  • 03.27.17
TravelClick, a global provider of innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions for hotels to maximize revenue, announced the launch of the hospitality industry’s only Media Intelligence Platform.

This unique new platform integrates proprietary data from TravelClick’s iHotelier Suite, Rate360 and Demand360 solutions into the TravelClick digital media campaign planning and optimization process. This empowers TravelClick’s campaign managers to make the best-informed decisions about how to spend and allocate media budgets. The more data available, the better TravelClick’s media campaigns can be optimized.
Examples of questions that the Media Intelligence Platform can answer to optimize hotel media campaigns include:
• iHotelier – What is the right lead time to start advertising to drive bookings in a future month? Are direct bookings representing a higher share of channel mix?
• Rate360 – Is the hotel out of rate parity with the OTA channel? Should campaign messaging change given that the hotel’s pricing relationship with the competition has changed?
• Demand360 – Are there future periods when media spending should rise, because the hotel’s occupancy is not keeping pace with its competition? What are the best future opportunities to drive revenue?

The impact on media campaigns is significant: TravelClick’s digital media campaigns using the Media Intelligence Platform combined with iHotelier, Rate360 and Demand360 data can generate up to 77 percent higher conversion rates for customers.
“The combination of TravelClick’s data usage with digital campaign management has really helped us to go beyond traditional digital campaign management,” said Adarsh Rangaswamy, corporate director of digital marketing, Millennium Hotels and Resorts. “This ultimately allowed us to get a clearer picture of how we are doing versus the market and competition and adjust our strategies accordingly when needed.”

“We’ve invested in developing the Media Intelligence Platform to take advantage of TravelClick’s proprietary data – a powerful differentiator from other media solution providers – to drive better media campaign results for hoteliers,” added Scott Falconer, executive vice president and general manager, media, TravelClick. “In fact, when our digital media customers combine TravelClick’s iHotelier Suite, Rate360 and Demand360 solutions, they can expect significantly higher conversion rates for their digital campaigns. This is a game-changer when it comes to standing apart from the crowd in an increasingly competitive global hospitality landscape.”

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