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VENZA Announces Successful Delivery of Vision ’23; New Roadmap for ‘24

  • 02.06.23
VENZA has announced the successful delivery of its Vision ’23 roadmap, its overarching framework for strategic planning and development.

Fulfilling its ambitious goals for 2022, the company added dozens of products and features, providing significant new value to clients. The completion of Vision ’23 continued to solidify VENZA’s status as the industry leader in providing data protection and compliance tools for the hospitality industry.

“The work of data protection is difficult, so we focused on creating tools and resources to make our products more accessible and useful to our clients,” said Barbara Espinosa, Product Marketing Director at VENZA. “With the completion of the Vision ’23 roadmap, our clients are now equipped with more capable and effective tools than ever before. We look forward to continuing to build upon these successes this year with Vision ’24.”

Highlights of Vision ’23 include:

Security Awareness Training
The Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Learning Paths were reworked from the ground-up with modern interfaces, mobile access, and brand-new content.

Most content in the VENZA PEAK™ Learning Management System and VENZA Learning™ Content Library is now available in up to eight languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

Proctored Training
VENZA launched a new form of weekly group training, enabling quick certification of multiple employees. Over the course of the year, more than 13,000 individuals completed Proctored Training.

Client Support Site
VENZA created a designated portal with video guides, FAQs, and Live Chat to make product delivery easier.

New Launch Communications, Program Manuals, and Feature Guides were created, making it simple to understand and roll out products.

Private LMS Revamps
All private LMS users received redesigned interfaces, mobile responsiveness, Live Chat, Phishing Manager, and more.

Phishing Remediation Courses
VENZA added tailored instructional courses for users that fail phishing campaigns. Each course includes the specific red flags from the individual phishing campaign along with general tips for becoming more resistant to scams.

PCI DSS v4.0 Updates
VENZA created multiple resources dedicated to PCI DSS’s upcoming transition to the v4.0 standard. Clients can stay ahead on compliance with a wide range of material, including a training module and QRG.

To see the full slate of last year’s releases, check out the Vision ’23 roadmap.

With the completion of Vision ’23, VENZA is excited to announce significant updates with Vision ’24. Clients can expect major improvements in many areas. For a preview of what is planned, check out the Product Roadmap.

VENZA is a leading provider of data protection and compliance solutions for the hospitality industry. Drawing on decades of experience, VENZA provides 360-degree visibility that enables proactive risk management to mitigate vulnerabilities and keep your guests and their data safe. Know your risks and protect your enterprise with VENZA.

More than 225,000 users in 100+ countries look to VENZA for tools, technology, and strategic security support Founded in 2008, VENZA is a privately held company with regional offices in Atlanta, GA, Pensacola, FL, San Juan, PR, New Albany, IN and The Hague, Netherlands.

For more information, visit www.VENZAgroup.com.

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