Venza Group Adds EMV and Tokenization Modules to PCI Compliance Program

  • 09.17.15
In the wake of new payment data security standards, including the rollout of EMV (Eurocard, MasterCard and VISA) cards and tokenization card technology in the United States, the Venza Group is adding two new modules to its PEAK® PCI Compliance education program for hoteliers.

Developed in partnership with the law firm of Arnall Golden Gregory, the new modules will be part of the fourth quarter 2015 update to the program’s content, which is designed to help clients maintain compliance with PCI version 3.1.

“Together, EMV and tokenization technologies promise to help hoteliers reduce payment card fraud and increase the protection and security of payment card data,” said Daniel Johnson, COO of the Venza Group. “With 55 percent of all credit card fraud coming from the hospitality industry and 38 percent of all breaches coming from hotels, these new standards will be particularly valuable for our clients, so it’s important that their managers, employees and IT staff receive up-to-date training.”

The new eLearning modules, entitled “EMV” and “Tokenization and P2PE,” are each approximately five to six minutes in length and provide an overview of the rationale and implications of EMV, tokenization and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) technologies. Participants learn about the shift in liability that EMV cards will usher in for U.S. hoteliers, starting October 2015, and how the introduction of these new technologies and standards affects the participant’s specific job responsibilities.

“While new technology will help prevent fraud and provide additional layers of security, there isn’t an all-encompassing solution to the rampant problem of payment card security in the hospitality industry,” said Johnson. “So it’s essential that all hotel employees understand their role, both in providing guests with an enjoyable experience and in keeping their credit card data safe.”

Part of the Venza Group’s PEAK® Compliance and Performance Training for Hoteliers, PCI Compliance Training is a role-based eLearning curriculum specific to the hotel environment. It is used by major hoteliers and hospitality portfolio management companies to ensure employees, managers and IT professionals understand their responsibilities in maintaining a secure network and protecting cardholder data. In addition to the two new modules, the 4th quarter program update will address key issues required by PCI Compliance version 3.1.

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