ZMail from ZDirect Implemented at Newly Renovated New York Palace Hotel

  • ZDirect, Inc.
  • 01.21.14
After a $140 million transformation, the New York Palace hotel turned to ZMail from ZDirect to improve guest communications and enhance service.

Recently The New York Palace hotel underwent a thorough transformation from a historic Madison Avenue gem to one of Midtown’s premier modern hotels. To prepare for its reveal and to take personalized luxury service to even higher levels, property owner Northwood Investors Inc. turned to one of the industry's premier email service providers and pioneers of hotel marketing automation, ZDirect. Equipped with a single platform for electronic communications, customer relationship management and data intelligence, The New York Palace hotel is putting its new face forward via ZMail®.

"Prior to Z-Direct, we were utilizing our property management system’s standard transactional e-letter format to communicate electronically with guests and prospects," said Stephen Gordon, vice president of eCommerce at Northwood Hospitality LLC (a subsidiary of Northwood Investors). "The canned letters from our reservations system were not in HTML, they lacked color, images and branding, and were not personalized enough to truly reflect our brand and the level of luxury service The New York Palace is known for around the world.

"I knew that ZMail would immediately deliver results and greatly enhance our e-communications effort," said Gordon. "ZMail offers easy to understand analytic tools that are included in its dashboard. This enables us to clearly see who we are reaching and if they are responding. ZMail has already been extremely effective in promoting our outlets, such as our six new bars and restaurants, and in helping us differentiate between the two hotel accommodation offerings – The New York Palace main house and the Towers – each featuring separate branding and messaging to guests. Today, the in-house reservations team is customizing all communications, and our marketing team is tailoring guest messaging based on calendar and event-driven based variables, such as arrival date and guest segment type. ZMail is the ideal tool for spreading the word that The New York Palace is reborn."

Using a dynamic content engine, PMS integration and the practice of hospitality marketing automation, ZMail automatically sends intelligent and personalized confirmations, pre-arrival emails and post-departure emails with guest satisfaction surveys via email, mobile communication, SMS, social networks and more. Not only does ZMail enable hoteliers and marketers to learn about the real people behind every reservation, but hotel marketing automation helps optimize resources. This process takes regular email marketing to new levels, not by eliminating traditional processes, but by enhancing them.
"With ZMail, The New York Palace hotel now has the tools it needs to really know its distinguished guests' every desire," said Caren de'Ath, ZDirect's vice president of sales.

ZMail centralizes hotel data, creating the foundation for the hotel's marketing efforts. This gives The New York Palace a 360 degree view of guest booking data, stay preferences and purchasing behavior. ZDirect then augments that with unstructured data, such as clickstream data, social media activity and large public data sets. Using advanced analytics disciplines such as predictive analysis and data mining, ZDirect crunches all the data and uncovers the hidden patterns and unknown correlations to help The New York Palace teams make sense of it all. This gives them a competitive advantage over Midtown Manhattan properties, more effective marketing and ultimately increased revenue.

"We are delighted to be in business with this iconic, architectural standout in the heart of Midtown and we are honored that Steve Gordon introduced ZDirect to Northwood Hospitality," said de'Ath. "Today, Northwood Hospitality is spreading the word electronically that their historic hotel is now home to modern design elements, state-of-the-art technology and stunning, new aesthetic accents that match the shimmering city surrounding it. Travelers looking for exclusive and amenity-graced accommodations are drawn to, and appreciate, the personalized communications coming from The New York Palace by way of ZMail. From the towers (41st floor and up) to the stunning new lobby space and the array of new dining and nightlife options, the newly renovated property is something to behold, enjoy and embrace, and ZDirect is proud to be a part of it."

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