dailypoint™ Announces Data Cleansing Technology Partnership With protel

  • dailypoint™
  • 02.21.19
Central data management platform dailypoint™ and protel hotelsoftware GmbH, provider of world-class property management systems (PMS) and a groundbreaking Hospitality Platform, announce a new data cleansing service that will allow protel customers to automatically clean, correct and de-duplicate their guest profiles within their protel PMS.

dailypoint’s patent-pending and fully automated cleaning method reviews all key data points, merges duplicates, corrects mistakes from human errors and ultimately creates a single profile for each guest. The clean data is then pushed back to protel and stored in dailypoint so that all data is up-to-date across sources. dailypoint™ creates guest interests and preferences based on the consolidated data sources such as the PMS, the hotel website, email newsletter, guest questionnaires and many others. 

"In a recent study, we found that 68 percent of guests had more than one profile stored in their PMS, and 14 percent had more than four profiles. dailypoint’s new data cleansing service will reduce these duplicates and ensure that all data is accurate, both within the protel PMS and within dailypoint’s CRM and central data platform. We are excited about this partnership because it will allow hotels access to clean data for better analytics, more personalized sales and marketing, and smarter business decisions,” says Dr. Michael Toedt, chief executive officer at dailypoint™.

"The hotel industry has woken up to the fact that the business who has unified, centralized, real-time accurate and relevant guest data at their fingertips can do the most effective marketing. So ultimately they will continually win that guest’s loyalty and their business. So it makes more sense now to deploy automated services which guarantee this data is fresh, accurate and relevant. We are delighted to partner with dailypoint on our protel.I/O platform, making their data-cleansing solution available to all customers via the vendor-neutral protel Services Marketplace." explains Pete Simpson, SVP of business technology at protel.

dailypoint™ is a leading #abovePMS solution. With dailypoint™ hotels can graft raw data into an asset, meaning a deep knowledge of each single customer. The patented data cleansing processes in dailypoint™ are the key to combine all important data sources like PMS, e-mail newsletter, hotel website, feedback system, WIFI and many more.

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