eTouchMenu TM Announces Partnership with FreedomPay

  • FreedomPay
  • 10.31.18
eTouchMenuTM (a wholly-owned subsidiary of House Advantage, LLC) has announced its partnership with FreedomPay, a global leader in secure commerce technology, to provide eTouchMenu customers with a secure world-class payment experience to seamlessly integrate diverse payment methodologies and currencies on a single, unified platform.  

The partnership will enable both companies to help merchants securely embrace the latest payment options across restaurant, airport, hotel, retail stores, family entertainment operations and casinos worldwide, further bolstering FreedomPay’s position as the industry leading commerce platform and eTouchMenu’s position as the leader in digital menu technology. The partnership will fully integrate eTouchMenu’s technology while ensuring safe, secure and efficient transactions. FreedomPay’s award winning PCI validated, Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) Commerce Platform will secure all payments nationally where eTouchMenu technology is present. 
“FreedomPay’s world-class platform enables payments to be processed smartly, securely and seamlessly across a variety of industries globally,” said Paul Guidone, Vice President Sales Solutions at FreedomPay. “By partnering with eTouchMenu, we’re ensuring they have the best tools to provide their customers with an uninterrupted experience.”
“We are thrilled to be partnering with FreedomPay and to be offering their commerce platform to our customers as a means to protect their credit card data,” said Jon C. Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer of House Advantage and eTouchMenu. "At eTouchMenu we strive to optimize the efficiency of the restaurant operation through improved order accuracy, simplified payment processing, and by providing the safest and most secure payment solutions for our merchants and customers. Working in tandem with FreedomPay allows us to do just that and more.” 

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