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hospitalityPulse to Debut Integrated Product Suite for Mobile Check-in and Room Assignment at HITEC

  • hospitalityPulse Inc.
  • 06.20.16
hospitalityPulse Inc., a leader in automated room assignment solutions, will be presenting its fully integrated suite of products at HITEC designed to significantly enhance a hotel’s traditional and mobile check in processes.

In addition to the company’s popular roomPulse and PulseLink room assignment solutions, hospitalityPulse will unveil new tools in booth 1713 that will transform traditional transactions into guest interactions by enabling front-desk agents to focus more closely on their guests.

roomPulse, the solution that dynamically optimizes each room assignment in real time, is the anchor of the hospitalityPulse product suite. Tomorrow, hospitalityPulse will unveil a pre-check queue solution at HITEC that seamlessly integrates with roomPulse to automate the handling for when guests arrive too early and rooms are not yet available, or when guests check in prior to arrival via a mobile device or a web interface. Called PulseQueue, the system continuously monitors all rooms as they become available and matches them with reservations that have been placed in queue. Guests are then automatically assigned the most optimal room based on overall room needs at the hotel; rooms are assigned based on propriety of guest and reservation value, as well as time spent in the queue. When a room has been found and assigned, the front desk and the guest are automatically notified by the system.

“PulseQueue evolved from learnings, based on our customers’ use of roomPulse,” said Pierre Boettner, hospitalityPulse CEO. “It has long been clear that roomPulse solves some of the persistent issues that have surfaced as a result of a hotel offering early and mobile check in. While both enhance the guest experience, mobile check-in solutions exponentially increased manual handling at front desk, causing more, instead of less, friction. When mobile check-ins are offered to guests, an already difficult process is made even harder for staff. We also learned that it wasn’t so much the ability to show guests a room number at the time of check in, but rather the automation of the underlying queue assignments that was really the missing piece. It is impossible to consistently anticipate and match up arrival times with cleaning predictions. A guest having checked in early may still have to wait for a room once he or she has arrived at the hotel.”

PulseQueue also is preventing conflicts arising from agents directly competing with queued arrivals, for available rooms. When there aren’t enough rooms available for pending check-ins, or when available rooms aren’t matching with what is needed for arriving or expected guests, the competition for rooms can become heated. Guests that arrived early or checked in prior to their arrival may find themselves at a disadvantage with regards to feature fulfillment. All too often, rooms are then rushed, leading to additional inefficiencies and even quarrels with housekeeping.
“We wanted to make room assignments for early or mobile check in as seamless as possible, so that agents don’t have to deal with yet another separate system,” Boettner said. “This is why optimized room assignments in roomPulse and pre-check transactions in PulseQueue are made available via PulseLink; the agent popup directly accessible from within the PMS reservations screen. At the time of check in, PulseLink provides the agent with the most optimal room at that very moment. It also enables agents to place a reservation in, or retrieve it from, PulseQueue to make the entire room assignment process as efficient and quick as possible. If needed, alternative rooms can be found in a very easy to use interface. Rather than spending time on finding rooms in the system, what are transactions are transformed into interactions with the guests.”
To complete the suite of products with a guest facing component we created PulseMobile, a mobile check in solution that allows guest to check in online prior to arrival, offered to our hotel customers completely free of charge. Hotels that intend to offer a simple, yet powerful mobile check-in solution can easily integrate PulseMobile into their processes. It takes advantage of PulseQueue, assuring speed, consistency, and optimal room assignment.
“We are really excited about the fully-automated product suite what we are showcasing at HITEC,” Boettner said. “Of course, as with all our applications, roomPulse, PulseLink, PulseQueue and PulseMobile can be fully integrated with a hotel’s existing mobile applications. All hospitalityPulse solutions support a high level of guest service and satisfaction, ultimately results in greater loyalty and spend.”

To experience the NEW and fully automated suite of room assignment products from hospitalityPulse, visit booth 1713 at HITEC.

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