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Eleven Software

2015 Spring
Portland, OR

Eleven Software believes in the power of the connected guest. That technology should enhance the guest experience, not create friction. Because with the right tools, properties can deliver fluid connectivity – a consistent, high-performance experience across brands and devices.

Eleven Software is the foundation of a great guest technology experience. Whether it's a guest checking email on his or her phone in the lobby, finishing a presentation in the business center, or streaming a movie in their room, Eleven Software is there. Approved by major brands and leading boutiques, Eleven Software helps millions of guests stay connected each month. With more than a decade of experience in hospitality technology, Eleven Software is a standard for delivering a connected guest experience.

Flexible Guest Internet Management Software
Today’s average business traveler carries three mobile devices. This explosion of mobile devices is predominantly responsible for the soaring guest demand for free and reliable Wi-Fi and the need for hotels to keep up with bandwidth consumption. A flexible guest Internet platform allows hotels to deliver an engaging guest experience and help recoup their infrastructure costs with tiered Internet service plans. Giving guests the choice of service empowers them to decide for themselves what best meets their connectivity needs.

Tiered bandwidth is just one of the many things ElevenOS makes possible at any level. One of hospitality's only cloud-based guest Internet platforms, ElevenOS manages the online guest experience across multiple devices, locations and network service providers. Users get complete control over the guest experience, including hotel branding, tiered plan options and bandwidth prioritization for groups. From single hotels to large multiproperty chains, ElevenOS provides an intuitive and flexible interface for easy guest Internet management.

Five-star Public Computers for Everyone
“Computing Everywhere” is the No. 1 trend for 2015 according to Gartner. Guest demand for ubiquitous access to computing capabilities is growing, especially as travelers continue to leave their laptops behind in lieu of their smartphones or lightweight tablets. Hotels can capitalize on this trend by providing temporary computing and mobile printing opportunities in the business center or lobby. From the road warrior who needs to finish a presentation to the family who needs to print their city tour passes, travelers expect seamless access to information. To stay competitive, hotels must be able to deliver.

ElevenGC is a comprehensive family of Mac and PC guest computing solutions perfectly suited for business centers, lobbies, guest suites and club lounges. Backed by five-star service and support including turnkey deployment and proactive toner monitoring, Eleven Software allows users to focus on what really matters – their guests. ElevenGC even helps qualified hotels drive revenue with limited upfront investment. Countless customers have produced more revenue from ElevenGC’s for-charge systems than from most other guest computing providers.

Guest Technology Management Platform
The cloud-based Eleven Software platform powers both ElevenGC and ElevenOS through a simple and dynamic Web interface. Designed with an open architecture for easy integration with hotel systems, application services and websites, the Eleven Software platform provides a seamless and robust online guest experience. The Eleven Software platform also makes it easy to manage multiple properties, which is especially important for management groups and network service providers.
The Eleven Software platform integrates with a wide range of hardware and software and is available through various leading service providers; no more proprietary hardware or software from service providers is necessary. Leverage a single software system to deliver Internet, guest computers and other online services.

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