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2016 Fall
Addison, TX

Powering $16 Billion for Hotels
In August, SiteMinder announced it had powered $16 billion in revenue for its hotel customers over the 12 months ending June 2016. The figure, generated from 43.5 million hotel reservations throughout the period, reflects another year of strong growth for SiteMinder and the uptake of its market-leading solutions, which are now used at more than 22,000 hotels globally. These solutions include SiteMinder’s internet booking engine, TheBookingButton, which alone generated for hotels more than $1 billion in revenue from $1.75 million commission-free bookings.

Interestingly, over the 12-month period, SiteMinder’s data showed that the average booking value hotels were realizing on their direct websites was nearly double the value they were receiving from third-party booking channels. SiteMinder’s managing director, Mike Ford, said the finding highlighted that hotels should be investing heavily in ensuring they have a balanced approach to distribution and that they were focusing on their direct booking strategy in order to maximize direct conversions and therefore profit.

Bringing Hotel Technology to the Modern Age
One of SiteMinder’s other proud moments over the past quarter has been its launch of Prophet, a real-time market intelligence solution that brings hotel software to the modern age.

Ford said, “Prophet is about empowering the world’s hoteliers who know revenue management is critical but don’t have the time, budget or expertise to harness the rapidly changing rate and market data available to them, and use it to their advantage. Prophet purposefully breaks market rate and demand intelligence down into consumable and meaningful insights that matter, so hoteliers can optimize room rates, maximize profitability, and stay ahead of competition easily and at an affordable cost.”

Prophet was unveiled at HITEC to form the latest addition to SiteMinder’s award-winning suite of smart and simple technology, which now includes:

The Channel Manager
SiteMinder’s Channel Manager is a leading platform for online room inventory and dynamic rate management with connections to more than 150 of the world’s top PMSs, CRSs and RMSs, and more than 350 of its leading booking sites. The Channel Manager provides hotels with real-time updates of their rates and inventory, across all their channels, to maximize sales and eliminate overbookings.

The BookingButton is a wholly branded internet booking engine for direct, commission-free bookings via the web, to provide hotels with higher conversions and occupancy rates. It features multilingual capability to enhance a hotel’s international presence, while being mobile-friendly and Facebook-compatible to reach guests wherever they are.

Prophet is a real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms. With Prophet, hotels can monitor their competitors’ rates and market demand in a single view, and set rate strategy rules and be alerted instantly to market changes. It’s real-time access to revenue management metrics that matter.

GDS by SiteMinder
GDS by SiteMinder is a single point of entry to the world’s major GDSs and more than 500,000 travel agents, to drive down a hotel’s costs and offer it unparalleled reach and exposure. GDS by SiteMinder offers hotels the opportunity to tap into new geographical markets as well as target new market segments, especially business travelers.

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