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2018 Fall
Addison, TX

With the June launch of SiteMinder Exchange, one of the most notorious barriers to hotel technology innovation has been tackled head on by SiteMinder. SiteMinder Exchange is a powerfully simple solution that solves the connectivity problem for hotel property management systems (PMSs) and hotel applications everywhere. Enabling a seamless transfer of hotel data between PMSs and applications, SiteMinder Exchange provides much-needed relief for creators of hotel technology who have long considered connectivity to be the single-most crippling challenge for the industry to date.

SiteMinder’s Managing Director and Founder, Mike Ford said, “Arguably more than any other, SiteMinder has grown to understand how costly and time-consuming it can be to build integrations. We know PMSs and applications want to go back to focusing on their core products, not connections, but while we’ve seen fantastic efforts in the industry to standardize messaging, we’ve failed to see practical solutions that ease the burden for those providers whose days remain consumed building point-to-point connections to each other.

“SiteMinder Exchange is about enabling those players to effortlessly integrate, and to build only once to access a multitude of partner systems. By breaking down these integration barriers, we are all one step closer to achieving our shared vision, which is helping hoteliers to access the integrated setup and rich guest insights they need to make their hotel business successful.”

Running in parallel with the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model that saw SiteMinder disrupt the market in 2006, SiteMinder Exchange is founded on a paradigm of data-as-a-service (DaaS) or, data on demand. Hotel applications pay no upfront cost to be integrated; instead, they subscribe to a low monthly fee for each hotel property that chooses to have that application connected to their PMS. The solution is free for PMSs and hotels.

Hospitality marketing cloud leader Cendyn is among SiteMinder Exchange’s early adopters. Speaking on the benefits for hotel users of Cendyn’s application, President and Founder Charles Deyo says they come down to savings in cost and time, personalization and speed to market.
“SiteMinder Exchange has improved the timeframe to source, verify and import hotel data for CRM applications like ours,” Deyo said. “This is allowing hoteliers to implement their CRM and marketing more quickly and accurately. Cendyn has a history of innovation and SiteMinder Exchange is a great partner to develop future solutions that don’t exist yet.”
SiteMinder Exchange stands as further testament to SiteMinder’s role in powering the travel technology ecosystem. Separate to its launch, this past quarter also saw SiteMinder establish partnerships with some of the world’s leading travel providers, including:

  • Tujia, China’s leading lodging-service sharing and booking platform, to streamline the management of online reservations for hosts based outside of China

  • South Africa’s largest low-cost airline and operator of the South African arm of British Airways, Comair Travel, as they grow their dynamic package offering

  • Portuguese tour operator Top Atlantico DMC as they embrace dynamic online rates for the first time

  • Fast-growing bedbank Veturis Travel as they look to further cement their presence within Europe and Asia

Hotels in Costa Rica and Italy can also be excited by SiteMinder’s integration with:

  • Seven Suite, the first PMS provider to ensure hotel compliance with the country’s mandatory use of an electronic billing system

  • One of Italy’s most trusted providers of integrated hotel management solutions, GestioneAlbergo

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