Vendor Updates

ResortSuite Inc.

2020 Summer
Toronto, Ontario

ResortSuite is based in Toronto, Canada, and delivers a fully integrated platform to deliver seamless guest experiences for fullservice and luxury hotels, resorts, clubs and spas. In late February, we saw the writing on the wall that COVID-19 would likely lead to a lockdown in North America similar to those that affected Asia and parts of Europe. We started ordering the equipment necessary for our entire team to be able to work remotely from home.

On March 13, we closed our offices and instituted our remote working policy. Our team adapted quickly and has been focused on supporting our clients, who have been short-staffed due to necessary furloughs in their hotels. We took the bold approach to double down during this difficult and stressful time for our team and instituted a plan to fully maintain our staffing levels with no furloughs planned through the pandemic, and to revisit if things go much longer than anticipated. To assist, we offered our hotel clients additional services at no additional cost including running EOD procedures on their behalf and scheduling cleanup and maintenance tasks while their operations were largely closed. We also offered a promotion that many clients have taken advantage of, which was to undertake digital transformation projects to take advantage of our latest online booking and mobile capabilities. We aren't requiring any current cashflow impacts during this time. Clients can pay much later in October (or after they reopen again) whichever is later. This has allowed many properties to take advantage of the downtime and be in a position when they reopen to deliver an enhanced digital experience with much higher revenue capture potential.

We've also been recalibrating our strategy to focus on the industry reopening. Our development team has been running on all cylinders as it develops new capabilities that will address the types of guest anxieties, preferences and expectations that didn't exist before COVID-19. Creating a mobile-first, touchless hotel experience will be more important than ever. Instead of a check-in process at the front-desk or even a kiosk, the guest will prefer to initiate the check-in from their own mobile device, receive a digital key and proceed directly to their freshly sanitized room.

The guest or member will also want to communicate with the front-desk or hotel team via their own mobile device, book spa services, classes, golf tee times and dinner reservations directly from the mobile app. Mobile (touchless) payments will become a must-have, using Apple or Google Pay and NFC. Mobile ID will also be possible by shaking the device to present a bar code and charge directly to their room or member account. The mobile device will also be used to access facilities via electronic door locks and Bluetooth/NFC. Filling out registration cards, waivers and spa intake forms will be done on a guest’s personal device versus a tablet, kiosk or printed form. We're focusing on a new world of hospitality and accelerating the move to a completely mobile-directed guest and member experience.

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