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2020 Summer
Addison, TX

The world was a different place in 2006 when I began the SiteMinder business. For starters, OTAs were only starting to flourish and few hotels had figured out how to get their rooms on this thing called "the internet." Needless to say, the world of travel, especially online, has continued to explode since then and SiteMinder grew with it. Never would I have imagined the day that so many hotels, the lifeblood of the travel and hospitality industries, would be forced to close their doors or or remain open but with their lobbies devoid of guests.

In recent months, hoteliers and the travel industry at large have been forced to shift their focus from maximizing revenues and profits to pure survival. As recently as February hoteliers were asking, "How much can I earn from my next guest?" Today they're asking, "when will people start traveling again?" By exposing our own data resources, we at SiteMinder hope to do our bit, however small, in allowing all players within the hospitality and travel industries to track hotel recovery as it happens. For this reason we've created the World Hotel Index, an aerial view of all the bookings of SiteMinder’s 35,000 customers, through more than 400 booking channels globally. The Index tells us how hotel bookings are performing year-over-year and it’s refreshed daily. We’ve insured that data is available at a global, country and city level, to provide insight into both macro and local trends. These are critical for hoteliers, hotel investors and travel professionals during this time of uncertainty and the staggered lifting of lockdowns around the world.

Indeed, we can see through the Index that global booking volume this year hit its lowest point in the second week of April, dropping to 8.85% year-over-year. It was a stark reality to the peak levels that hotels would have ordinarily seen during the Easter season. The World Hotel Index is our small contribution to hoteliers who've given the world so much and, even today, are joining the COVID-19 frontlines to play their part. We know inevitably their role will be as critical as ever once this pandemic passes, and we look forward to celebrating with them as we start to see those bookings coming in once more.
- Mike Ford, Managing Director, Siteminder

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