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Vendor Updates


2013 Summer
Alpharetta, GA

Agilysys, one of the leading hospitality technology providers worldwide, develops and delivers comprehensive business solutions, including property management, point of sale, inventory and procurement, document management and more. Agilysys offers software, hardware and services that streamline operations, enhance guest satisfaction and maximize profitability.

Point of Sale (POS)
Agilysys InfoGenesis™ POS
Agilysys InfoGenesis POS is a comprehensive point-of-sale solution for food and beverage operations that require flexible enterprise configuration, superior scalability and extensive integration capabilities. The system’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables interfaces to a wide range of host systems. InfoGenesis POS version 4.4.0 features include:

  • Upgrade to Windows® Server 2008R2, SQL Server® 2008R2
  • Migrate from Crystal Reports to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Eliminate vintage reporting and configuration modules
  • Simplified configuration
  • Support J2 terminal
  • POSReady 7 terminal images
  • Support for PTA running on a Windows 7 desktop/laptop

Inventory and Procurement Solutions
Agilysys Eatec®
Agilysys Eatec is a leading enterprise inventory and procurement system for the foodservice and hospitality industries. Core modules focus on inventory control, menu engineering and forecasting. The system’s modular structure enables properties to construct the exact sets of features needed, whether an enterprisewide solution or a single-site solution for multiple functions. Eatec version 3.4.2284 contains the following highlights:

  • Enhanced Agilysys DataMagine™ integration enables linking of additional document images for quick orders, sales orders, spoilage, transfers, miscellaneous invoices and AP vouchers, allowing submission of scanned documents to be cataloged, retained and researched.
  • User screen for import of standard supplier bid files. 
  • Enhanced production facility requisition process to allow requisitions between production kitchens based on a production plan. This allows preparation to commence in advance of requests for goods from other outlets.
  • Physical inventory counts now allow a pro forma count screen, enabling users to have visibility of projected variances before committing the transaction. 
  • A cycle count transaction method to physical inventory counts, which allows midday postings to create variance records without establishing an end-of-day count.

Agilysys Stratton Warren System (SWS)
Agilysys Stratton Warren System (SWS) is an industry-leading inventory and procurement software solution that manages the entire supply chain process at one location or across multiple properties. Recent enhancements include:

  • Item merge utility for duplicate items
  • Buyer email notification for expiring BPOs based on date or percent threshold
  • Multicompany purchase orders to one invoice for central AP
  • Recipe ingredient drilldown for sub-recipe ingredient review
  • Expanded recipe ingredient lines per page for speed entry
  • Bar code catch weight receiving
  • Invoice price and quantity variance review and print
  • Blanket purchase order item and quantity export and import for supplier maintained fulfillment
  • Automated generic item purchase price default for pre-quote pricing consistency
  • Expiring bid utility report for enhanced bid visibility
  • Supplier performance codes added to short sheets for better buyer visibility

SWSDirect Portal Release 2.0 with enhanced supplier self-service management now available.

For more information about Agilysys hospitality solutions, visit www.agilysys.com or call (877) 369-6208.

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