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Vendor Updates


2013 Summer
Alpharetta, GA

Eleven Software delivers compelling software that powers the online guest experience in hotels, with two key product lines: ElevenGC and ElevenOS, both of which run on Eleven Software’s cloud-based platform. Combining rock solid software with cutting-edge technology to wow guests, Eleven Software strives to be a standard for guest technology.

ElevenGC: Give Guests an Eleven Software Experience
ElevenGC delivers a five-star guest computing experience across a growing number of hotel locations from business centers and lobbies to suites, club lounges, conference spaces and more. The ElevenGC product family is one of hospitality’s most comprehensive and flexible lineups of guest computing solutions with the choice of Lenovo or HP computers running Windows 8 or Apple Macs running both Mac OS and Windows, along with enterprise-grade printers and multifunction devices. Billing options ranging from for-charge to complimentary, and anything in between. ElevenGC offers hotels the opportunity to earn substantial revenue with little to no investment and has a track record of generating more money than other guest computing providers.

  • ElevenGC Premium: charge to guest or hybrid pricing, full desktop functionality, guest authentication and registration, premiere support, zero capital cost with revenue share for qualified hotels
  • ElevenGC Pr free-to-guest or hybrid pricing, full desktop functionality, guest authentication and registration, premiere support for a fee, revenue share available
  • ElevenGC Lite & Kiosk: free-to-guest desktop computer or boarding pass kiosk, remote support for a monthly fee

ElevenOS: Manage and Monetize Guest Internet
ElevenOS is one of hospitality's only cloud-based guest Internet management solutions that delivers advanced capabilities so hotels can deliver industry-leading Internet service to their guests. ElevenOS gives hotels and network providers consistent and complete control over the guest experience, including hotel branding and customized service offerings such as tiered bandwidth, daily or length of stay and much more.

Through a Web-based administrative interface, users can centrally manage their login Web page content, create a host of different guest and staff accounts, track usage and revenue and more. From a single hotel to large multiproperty chains, ElevenOS provides an intuitive and flexible interface for easy guest Internet management.

Guest Technology Management Platform
The Eleven Software platform enables cloud-based management of all aspects of the online guest experience from Internet access and online hotel services to business centers, lobby kiosks and more. For groups of hotels, it provides an efficient way to consistently deliver, manage and optimize the online guest experience across multiple properties and across multiple network service providers. Designed with an open architecture for easy interfacing into hotel systems, application services and websites, the Eleven Software platform provides a seamless and robust guest experience. The Eleven Software platform also makes it easy to manage multiple hotel properties, which is especially important for management groups, network service providers and brands.
The Eleven Software platform integrates with a wide range of hardware and software and is available through various leading service providers; no more proprietary hardware or software from service providers. Leverage a single software system to deliver Internet, guest computers and other online

Eleven software is backed by a stellar support team that lets users focus on their guests rather than the technology. Rest easy knowing guest technology is proactively supported and monitored by a world-class support team, 24/7.

For more information call (503) 222-4321, email sales@elevenwireless.com or visit www.elevenwireless.com.

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