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Vendor Updates


2015 Spring
Alpharetta, GA

Agilysys develops cloud-based and on-premise software solutions that address the entire lifecycle of the guest. The company specializes in market-leading point-of-sale, property management, inventory and procurement, workforce management, analytics, payment processing, document management, and mobile and wireless solutions. Agilysys solutions help customers create lasting connections with guests while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Point of Sale
InfoGenesis™ POS

InfoGenesis POS keeps transactions flowing and ensures a seamless integration with current back office technologies. Highlights include:

  • InfoGenesis Flex – full POS functionality on 7-inch or 11-inch tablets
  • Integrates with the rGuest Pay payment gateway solution
  • Superior offline capabilities
  • Payment device options that improve security and decrease costs
  • InfoGenesis Mobile – for guest-facing order placement and pay-at-table scenarios

rGuest™ Pay
rGuest Pay is the Agilysys payment gateway that enables complete and secure payment processing. Highlights include payment security through tokenization and P2PE, future-proofed hardware for EMV and NFC transactions, integration with any application, comprehensive processor support, and no transaction fees – one low, fixed flat fee per terminal.

rGuest™ Buy (limited release)
rGuest Buy is a self-service, guest-facing point-of-sale kiosk that is ideal for buffet, grab-and-go and limited-service café venues. The application, which integrates with the Agilysys InfoGenesis POS and rGuest Pay solutions, improves throughput, minimizes labor and helps increase check averages by upselling to guests. Highlights include:

  • Menu management
  • Display profiles and themes, item images and customizable work flows
  • Cart and checkout
  • Scanner and scale support
  • Point-to-point encrypted credit card tendering
  • Receipt printing
  • Reports 

Table Reservation Management
rGuest™ Seat

rGuest Seat is a guest-centric table reservation and waitlist management solution that increases revenue by retaining repeat customers and providing a superior guest experience. Highlights include streamlined online reservations, increased guest bookings, accurate wait times, real-time visibility and automated confirmations via text.

Business Intelligence
Analytics is a powerful tool leveraging InfoGenesis POS data to derive critical operational insights. Dashboards deliver key performance information. Users can automate routine operational reporting, freeing them up to work on other initiatives. Highlights include:

  • Control costs, increase sales and improve governance for the enterprise
  • Identify patterns of loss and gain by profit center, including discounts, item mix, returns and more
  • Simple to use
  • Available on premise or as a subscription service

Inventory and Procurement
Eatec provides purchasing, inventory, recipe, forecasting, production and sales analysis functions. It includes catering, restaurant, buffet management and nutrition modules in a Web-enabled solution. Highlights include sustainability tracking, recipe approval, automation of batch production requisitions and validation of variance, cycle counts, etc.

Stratton Warren System™ (SWS)
SWS is an industry-leading inventory and procurement solution managing the entire supply chain process, whether at a single location or across multiple properties. Highlights include:

  • Auto bids scheduling
  • Distribute standard report via email
  • Combine multiple, cross-company purchase orders or receivers into a single vendor invoice
  • SWSDirect – RFP functionality, dynamic vendor selection, bid comparison grid and more

Workforce Management
Workforce Management Solution™ (WMx)

WMx is a suite of workforce management tools that helps hospitality managers improve data access for more informed decision-making and reduced labor costs. Highlights include proficiency-based scheduling; dynamic labor forecasting; mobile scheduling; seamless integration with numerous PMSs, POS, inventory and payroll systems; and Affordable Care Act rules.

For more information visit www.agilysys.com, email sales@agilysys.com or call (877) 369-6208.

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