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Vendor Updates


2017 Spring
Alpharetta, GA

Agilysys develops next-generation cloud-based and on-premise software solutions that address the entire guest lifecycle. The company specializes in property management, point-of-sale, inventory and procurement, analytics, payment processing, document management and mobile and wireless solutions. Agilysys solutions streamline operations while helping customers create lasting connections with guests.

Point of Sale
InfoGenesis® POS
InfoGenesis POS is a comprehensive point-of-sale system that combines easy-to-use terminal and tablet touch-screen applications with industry-leading offline capabilities. Designed for a broad range of operations, it features real-time reporting, support for flexible menu types, and multilanguage capabilities that increase efficiency and drive service flexibility. InfoGenesis Mobile, a companion to InfoGenesis POS, extends reach to remote areas of the property and keeps orders moving. InfoGenesis Flex offers full InfoGenesis POS functionality delivered on a convenient tablet device.

rGuest® Pay
rGuest Pay is the Agilysys payment gateway that enables complete and secure payment processing. Features include: PCI-validated point-to-point encryption, a Payment Information Proxy, robust tokenization and future-proofed hardware for EMV and NFC. rGuest Pay integrates with any POS or PMS product and offers fixed and predictable costs, with flat monthly rates and no volume tiers.

rGuest® Buy
rGuest Buy is a self-service point-of-sale kiosk for buffet, grab-and-go and limited-service venues. The application, which integrates with InfoGenesis POS and rGuest Pay, improves service volume, minimizes labor costs, and helps increase average check size through upselling. Features include: menu management, display profiles and themes, customizable workflows, cart and checkout, scanner and scale support, point-to-point encryption card tendering, receipt printing and reports.

Table Reservation Management
rGuest® Seat
rGuest Seat is the Agilysys reservations and table management solution that can be used on a PC or tablet to help increase table turns, boost loyalty and encourage repeat business. With rGuest Seat, the property retains all guest data, including table and server preferences, meal choices, check size, significant dates and more, allowing customization of the dining experience. Features include: streamlined online reservations, optimized waitlist execution, real-time visibility and automated confirmations via text message.

Business Intelligence
rGuest® Analyze

rGuest Analyze is a powerful business intelligence tool that leverages point-of-sale data to help managers identify sales trends, illuminate hidden costs and gain critical insights into the business. With rGuest Analyze, users can automate routine operational reporting, freeing them to focus on other tasks. Features include: compelling dashboards, easy-to-understand charts and graphs, mobile access and user-friendly reporting tools.

Inventory and Procurement
Eatec is a comprehensive inventory and procurement system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. The system’s modular structure allows customers to construct the exact set of features they need, whether it's an enterprisewide solution for multiple sites or a single-site system for multiple functions. It provides purchasing, inventory, recipe, forecasting, production and sales analysis functions as well as modules for catering, cycle planning, retail management and nutrition. Eatec is available as an on-premise or hosted solution.

Stratton Warren System (SWS)
Stratton Warren System is a full-featured inventory and procurement solution that maximizes purchasing power and reduces operational costs. It automates the entire procurement process – from requisition to invoice – and provides a fast and measurable return on investment by identifying the most suitable suppliers, reducing labor costs and waste and eliminating error-prone paper documents. Features include: budget tracking, business intelligence functionality, automated email bid capability, multiple par level functionality and flexible mobile options. SWS is available as an on-premise or hosted solution.

For more information, visit www.agilysys.com, email sales@agilysys.com or call (877) 369-6208.

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