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2008 Spring
Alpharetta, GA

Agilysys, one of the leading hospitality technology providers worldwide, develops and delivers complete business solutions including property management, point-of-sale, dining reservations, inventory and procurement, analytics, document management and more. Agilysys offers proven software, services, hardware and consultation that streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction while maximizing profitability.

Point-of-Sale Solution
InfoGenesis POS™ by Agilysys has been designed to give you the edge in serving your guests more effectively and helping you become as efficient and profitable as possible. It does this through superior technology, flexible configuration, scalable architecture and superior integration capabilities. Have your staff easily interact with guests the way you want them to, add additional terminals without having to build out expensive infrastructure and have data seamlessly flow from one application to the next. More than any other point-of-sale system, the InfoGenesis POS solution provides you the ability to better manage the guest experience. It helps you understand who your guests are, personalize service and capitalize on all the guest revenue you should be getting.

Analytics Solution
The Hospitality Analytics Solution by Agilysys drastically improves insight into your business by consolidating data from multiple sources and allowing you to build, publish and share the reports that make a big impact on the bottom line. Hospitality Solutions Analytics by Agilysys consolidates all of your data across disparate systems and multiple geographic locations, into a single, integrated source for comprehensive reporting, auditing and predictive analysis. The solution assists in identifying trends, increasing profitability, predicting consumer behavior and staying a step ahead of the competition.

Self-Service Solutions
Self-Service Solutions by Agilysys provide you the ability to dramatically increase profits and improve guest loyalty. For hospitality operations, the Lodging Management System (LMS) Guest Express solution allows guests to self checkin, enhancing overall guest service not only by shortening front desk lines, but also by reducing staff and guest frustration at peak checkin and checkout times.

InfoGenesis eCash and eMenu solutions by Agilysys provide new business capabilities with Web and kiosk ordering, along with cashless payment via stored-value accounts. Web and kiosk ordering with InfoGenesis eMenu make it easier than ever for your customers to get what they want – without long lines and wait times.

InfoGenesis eCash capitalizes on the increasing customer demand for the convenience of cashless payment. By providing your customers with self-managed, stored-value accounts, you reap the benefits of reduced transaction costs and increased per-transaction spend, all the while improving customer convenience.

Dining Reservations Solution
The Agilysys dining reservations solution, ResPAK Restaurant Management, is a powerful reservations and table management solution that enables you to enhance guest experience with increased guest preference awareness, allowing you to better allocate staff, respond more fluidly to operational and environmental changes and capitalize on guest needs and spending habits. This solution helps you maximize per guest revenue and protect revenue that comes from repeat and VIP guests. It also provides powerful table management tools that enable you to do business more efficiently. This, in turn, increases your profitability.

For more information, call (800) 241-8768 or visit www.agilysys.com/hospitality.

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