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Vendor Updates


2008 Summer
Alpharetta, GA

Agilysys, one of the leading hospitality technology providers worldwide, develops and delivers comprehensive business solutions including property management, point-of-sale, dining reservations, inventory and procurement, analytics, document management and more. Agilysys offers proven software, services, hardware and consultation that streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction while maximizing profitability.

Point-of-Sale Solution
The InfoGenesis POS™ by Agilysys offers advanced technology, flexible configuration, scalable architecture and superior integration capabilities. It enables properties to capitalize on guest revenue and manage the guest experience more effectively. Recent and future enhancements include:

  • InfoGenesis Mobile POS (mPOS). InfoGenesis mPOS will be introduced later this year and will be integrated with the InfoGenesis POS solution. InfoGenesis mPOS will offer flexible screen layout, bar code scanning for retail operations, identification of course and seat information, support for room charges and credit card payments and signature capture.
  • InfoGenesis POS Analytics. InfoGenesis POS Analytics consolidates data across disparate systems and multiple sources, enabling properties to build reports that identify trends, predict consumer behavior and increase profitability. The module now offers improved performance with SQL server reporting services and a component that simplifies the creation of ad hoc reports.

Inventory and Procurement Solutions
Eatec Solution by Agilysys

Agilysys recently acquired Eatec Corporation, a leading developer of Windows-based inventory and procurement software for the hospitality and food service industries. The Eatec Solution offers catering, restaurant, concessions and retail modules in one integrated package and enables hospitality venues to increase sales, reduce costs, improve productivity and maximize profitability. Its core modules include purchasing, inventory, recipe, forecasting, production and sales analysis.

Stratton Warren System (formerly MMS)
The Stratton Warren System (SWS) by Agilysys is an industry-leading inventory and procurement software solution that manages the entire procurement process via e-commerce at one location or across multiple properties, ranging from food and beverage to general property materials.

The latest version, available later this year, will include:

  • Electronic invoicing – This module supports electronic receipt of invoices from suppliers, which reduces paperwork and labor, shortens cycle times and enables properties to take advantage of innovative payment terms.
  • Budget tracking and maintenance (checkbook accounting) – This module reduces overspending by tracking expenditures against a budget account.
  • Purchase summary analytical inquiry – This comprehensive online inquiry allows users to analyze spending by supplier, item and company and filter selection criteria by year and month.
  • SWS analytics –  The SWS Analytics module features an OLAP cube of inventory and purchasing data, enabling properties to create custom reports and dashboards for analyzing and tracking purchasing and inventory costs.

Dining Reservations Solution
The Agilysys dining reservations solution, ResPAK Restaurant Management, now integrates with the new Agilysys Restaurant Guide, which is particularly useful in large venues where guests must walk a long distance to reach restaurants. The restaurant guide uses plasma screens with a color-coded system to show guests the status of restaurant conditions –  with green indicating plenty of availability and red indicating that a restaurant is full. A scrolling side panel provides more detailed information.

Self-Service Solutions
The InfoGenesis eCash and eMenu solutions by Agilysys provide Web and kiosk ordering and cashless payment through the use of self-managed, stored-value accounts. The solution, which capitalizes on the increasing consumer demand for the convenience of cashless payment, enables hospitality venues to reduce transaction costs and improve customer service.

For more information, call (800) 241-8768; or visit www.agilysys.com/hospitality.

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