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Vendor Updates


2021 Summer
Alpharetta, GA

Agilysys Hotel and Leisure Solutions 

Trusted Solutions. Modern Technology.

SaaS and on-premise capable technology on an open RESTFUL Application Programming Interface (API) architecture.

Over the last four years, Agilysys has put considerable development effort behind modernizing its established solutions and developing new products to create and an end-to-end guest journey. Point of sale (POS) and Property management systems (PMS) serve as the foundational elements of any hospitality operation. The ability of a modern API connected ecosystem to service the needs of guests and the business is limited by the functionality depth that your core systems support. Core POS and PMS systems need to be robust to serve the needs of today and flexible to support the unknown needs of tomorrow. 


Common Guest Profile

Machine learning based proprietary algorithm that uniquely identifies guests.

Using unique profile services that gather explicit and implied guest preferences data in real time, Agilysys empowers hotel staff to deliver personalized engagements which leads to improved revenue growth, guest loyalty and operational efficiencies.

This is analogous to how web browsers uniquely identify you as you browse the internet. Hoteliers want to know guests, segment or, personalize marketing and operations with the information analyzed. The best part is you own this guest data. We don't share the data outside of your enterprise and you always retain ownership of your guests. 


Professional & Technical Services

Operational expertise and accountability.

We take ownership of delivering your desired end state and don't outsource training or implementation. These services are crucial to long-term success and Agilysys uses its own resources for this purpose so it can ensure quality and more importantly, take accountability.

Unique among hospitality providers, Agilysys has a dedicated team of technical services engineers who can help enhance and customized Agilysys products if required, providing a unique competitive edge. It's also important to note that it supports these custom solutions just like any other product ensuring you're covered in the future.


Create Your Own Masterpiece

The guest journey is a blank canvas, use Agilysys solutions to deliver the desired experience for guests.

If technology can help enable the guest experience that our customers are trying to deliver or has a place in making operations more efficient and profitable, Agilysys will likely provide a solution, or make available our robust APIs to give our customers choice.

Driven by understanding the guest and employee journey across multiple property types, Agilysys identifies the guest's interaction points and how technology can play a role to empower staff and guests. Then, these conversations drive our product and feature development decisions.


Agilysys Food and Beverage Solutions 

New Modern Point-of-Sale: A dependable and feature-rich POS system gives you an edge against the competition, keeps transactions flowing and ensures a seamless integration with your current back-office technologies without a large investment. IG 12UX, the new modern POS client for InfoGenesis, supports a wide range of fixed station and mobile devices across Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.  

Mobile Guest Experience: Improve guest and staff experience with mobile options for both. With IG Buy kiosk and IG OnDemand QR code allows you to meet guests where they are and provides the greatest flexibility in mobile F&B ordering. In full-service environments, multiple guests can order at a table over the course of a meal using their own devices, making the ordering process touchless while freeing up staff to spend more time with guests. 

Reach more guests with a convenient hand-held device, use IG Flex tablets to boost profitability and speed of service. It offers full point of sale functionality on a convenient tablet, delivering an enhanced guest experience whether poolside, convention halls, lounges, beach, spa, retail or dining outlets.

Menus: It provides touchless menu on a guest’s own mobile device – phone, tablet, laptop or digital display board. Configured to suit the specific needs of your property, these flexible options deliver automatic updates, combos and promotional pricing when integrated with your POS system.

Payment Processing: Mobile is guests' new payment expectation. Eliminate the threats that affect traditional payment processing without compromising convenience and security. Guests use their own mobile device, scan a QR code, review a digital copy of the check, add a tip and initiate payment.

Business Intelligence: Whether you use Agilysys InfoGenesis, Agilysys PMS, or both, it’s easy to illuminate performance problems that may be limiting your bottom line and identify opportunities that will help business grow. Create your own unique dashboards with daily key performance indicators (KPI). Get more granular and segment your data to reveal trends you wouldn't otherwise spot.

Reservations & Venue Management: Optimize seating regardless of your venue. From restaurants to cabanas, stadiums and gaming tables, let your guests choose their preferred seats while you optimize space usage and maintain social distancing. Simply having a website with an electronic reservations booking (ERB) system isn’t enough. You need an interactive, cloud-based presence to acquire more guests. And your front-of-house needs advanced tools that can handle a variety of guest expectations.

Customer Centric: Agilysys is not just about providing a responsive help desk, but also about listening to customers and offering the products and features they tell us they need to run their business.

Agilysys is committed to providing responsive service and results-oriented support. Its Customer Care program connects you with all the resources the Agilysys team offers from software updates and technical expertise to customized solutions. Agilysys is here to ensure that your Agilysys installations add optimal value to your operations.

For more information on Agilysys, please visit www.agilysys.com.

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