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2009 Spring
Raleigh, North Carolina

Bulk TV & Internet is a free-to-guest television programming and high-speed Internet access services provider. Bulk TV serves properties in every state with services including: FTG television programming, digital satellite TV systems, high-speed Internet access and managed data networks.

As a leading FTG provider of DIRECTV, Bulk TV & Internet has a HD solution available exclusively for the hospitality industry. Bulk TV can provide some of the most popular HD FTG channels, including the major local networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX).

Today more than ever, hotel guests are expecting a similar experience to that which they are accustomed to at home, which is why they are now expecting HD television services. Bulk TV has found that several hoteliers have spent a significant amount of money upgrading to new LCD or plasma televisions, only to find that they can’t actually get HD content to them. The picture quality is often worse than it was with their tube televisions.  Getting a HD signal to guest televisions has been a slow and expensive process.  Due to the fear of signals being stolen or delivered illegally, programmers have forced the service providers to encrypt the HD signal going to the TV and then decrypt it at the TV itself. Only certain television manufacturers have products with this capability.

Bulk TV & Internet prides itself on educating hotels to ensure that they purchase televisions that best meet their needs, providing the most important DIRECTV free-to-guest television programming services to satisfy their clientele, while meeting brand standards and informing each hotel exactly what HD channels are available as well as the future technologies of which they should be aware.

Bulk TV offers unique advantages for hotels and their guests. To receive the television programming, Bulk TV’s clients either purchase or lease a digital television reception system commonly referred to as a headend system.  The headend system is housed in a central location eliminating the need for set-top boxes in every room.

Bulk TV also offers DIRECTV’s flexible a la carte programming, allowing hotels to customize their FTG lineup while ensuring their clientele’s satisfaction. This allows the hotel to save money by not subscribing to channels that guests never watch. DIRECTV’s FTG programming services offers hundreds of channels to choose from, including upwards of 95 HD channels.

Aside from new construction properties, there are still several hotels that either need high-speed Internet access services, or their existing solution needs to be improved.  Bulk TV provides wireless, wired or a hybrid HSIA solution including 24/7 guest support and managed data network services.

Contact Bulk TV today and customize a solution for your property. For more information, call 877-BULKTV1 or visit www.bulktv.com.

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